Aisha relocating to Dubai was a huge slap to Nigeria


Aisha relocating to Dubai was a huge slap

On Tuesday it was reported that Aisha the wife of Buhari the president of Nigeria relocated to Dubai.

Aisha Buhari is the wife of the president and the first lady of Nigeria, by implication, she is the mother of all Nigerians.

Whether the father is not around, I have not come encounter of where a mother abandons her children totally.

The first lady cited insecurity in Aso Rock as her main reason for the relocation.

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M n’juzi (I am asking), if the most protected house in Nigeria is not safe what happens to the other parts of the country?

The president traveled to his home state and unfortunately, 520 school boys were kidnapped the same day.

 Instead of the president to visit the aggrieved parents and sympathise with them, he was busy smiling at his cows. And those incharge of his media had the effrontery to make public the video.

The president’s action on that very day is a clear evidence that cows are 100% valued more than the life of any person in this country.

Oh! What a shame and a slap to the giant of Africa.

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Aisha Buhari relocates to Dubai because of insecurity in Aso Rock, Nigeria is in a deep mess.

What exactly are they hiding from us? If the president is truly dead as many claimed, why don’t we get informed instead of dribbling us.

Unfortunately, the most populous black nation in the world remains the country with the most idiotic set of people.

How can people who claimed to be learned/professors sit and watch these atrocities happen on regular basis without any reaction?


Because Aisha believes that there are countries or areas more civilized than this country that was handed over to she and her husband Buhari that is why she flew.

Dubai is not a country but a state that join others in making up the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

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Today, Dubai is confused or misplaced for a country.

Unfortunately, even after seeing what is happening in the environment, someone will still go ahead to defend a dead government.

For declaring that Aso Rock was not secure, Aisha Buhari needs to be arrested and brought to tell citizens of Nigeria why she made such hate speech.

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