Umu Igbo by Flavour the song that is shaking the internet

Have you heard of the latest release by Flavour of Africa? If you have not heard the ‘Umu Igbo’ song then you are missing a whole lot.

‘Umu Igbo’ by Flavour ft Biggie Igba is now a banga in the industry. A song with a very strong message to all Igbos and Biafrans.

Umu Igbo by Flavour the song that is shaking the internet
UmuIgbo song is a banga

When I got hold of the song, with the strong message it carried I concluded that this message was not for me alone.

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The major part that really caught the attention and interest of the listeners was when he mentioned the name of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. In the musical line he encouraged Nnamdi Kanu to continue with his good work. No matter what happens, God’s will will be done.

Among all Igbo celebrities, he is the only person who has publicly announced his support for Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and Biafra.

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Ever since the song was released, the internet has not rested. People are discussing the song and how it has really reflected the ugly experiences faced by  the Igbo race in Nigeria on a daily basis.

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On the hit song Flavour has advised Igbos scattered all over the world to return home and make a difference in their father’s land.

He also did not forget to mention the genocide going on in Nigeria and also how he is hurting about it.

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In the ‘Umu Igbo’ song, Flavour did not forget to reemphasize the importance of the Igbo race to the world. In fact, he said that if you travel to any part of the world and you don’t find an Igbo man better run for your life.

To the hip-hop singer, the presence of an Igbo man in any society brings about success in that area.

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The African top musician in that same song recognised a lot of people like Chimamanda Adichie, Ogadagidi, Genevieve, Obi South, Bangladesh etc.

This song is a banga and you need to have a copy. Visit HERE to get hold of the ‘Umu Igbo’ hit song by the Flavour of Africa.

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