Mrs. Theresa shares her story on how her unguarded act nearly destroyed her marriage.

The act that nearly destroyed my marriage

A young married woman, Mrs. Theresa shared a story about her marriage.

I hope that after reading this story intending couples and or those who are married already will learn something from it.

One should know that once you are married, it’s not everything about your marriage that is worth sharing with people.

Sometimes you conceal things that are likely going to destroy your union especially when an outsider hears about it.

In one of my posts I shared with us why it was important to keep your little secrets to yourself. It is very very important.

Enough of the long statements. Let’s hear Mrs. Theresa’s story.

I got married to my best friend. A man whom many young ladies cherished and wished to be their husband.

After our wedding, we got back home and he we were very tired.

At midnight, I turned towards where he was lying but couldn’t feel my husband. I touched almost all part of the bed but he was not there.

My eyes completely opened the moment I felt water at the downside of the bed.

Did my husband bed wet? Was the question I couldn’t answer not until I saw him coming out from the bathroom. He has already changed the pant he wore for the night.

Honey what is happening? I asked with curiosity. “Sweetheart am sorry, I don’t just know. This has never happened before” he answered looking ashamed of himself.

I was so ashamed of myself. I have gotten married to a man who bed wets.

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Days gone and my husband never urinated while he was asleep again.

Three months later, we had a misunderstanding and I left his house to cool off at my father’s house.

My little sister told me she saw my husband at a shopping mall and gave him the best treat of his life.

I know my little sister and I am also aware of the kind of things she can do.

Immediately she left my presence, a call came through telling me that my husband has been hospitalised.

It was as if my whole world has fallen. Though, that I left him as a result of our misunderstanding does not mean I no longer love my husband.

I quickly rushed to the hospital and guess what, my husband was indeed hospitalised.

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The doctor said they found some particles of poisonous substances in his body and thank God he was brought there on time. And according to him, he was about committing suicide.

“What could make my husband want to take his own life?” I wondered.

The news of my husband wanting to commit suicide was confirmed by our chief security (Gate man). He was the actual person that brought him to the hospital.

According to him, he said he saw my husband vomiting foam-like substances when he went to deliver a message from the gate.

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What calmed my heart was when the doctor told me that my husband will be fine and they had everything under control.

By the time he woke up he asked in a low tone “how could you?” I was shocked by the question.

“Honey, if this was because I left the house because of the little misunderstanding, I am really sorry” I responded.

“Why? Why did you do it? Why?” he never stopped asking me. At this moment I became more scared. “Honey please talk to me, what is it exactly?” I became so anxious to know exactly what is about destroying my marriage.

“You told your family members that I bed wet and not only that, your little sister used it to mock me while at the shopping mall today” my husband said in anguish.

I was so ashamed of myself. I couldn’t hold the tears. All my mouth could say at that moment was I was really sorry.

Even without being told, I understood the level of pain my husband was passing through. I know it was all my fault.

This event happened at our wedding night and I didn’t take my time to observe the man I married but instead began to disclose his ordeal with outsiders.

After everything, my husband was safe and sound and that was how I was able to regain my dying marriage.

My lite sister appologised and my husband is an easy going person. He forgave her and left me with the freedom of sharing this story.

My humble advice to both married and unmarried

Learn to keep marriage secrets. It’s not everything that happened in your marriage that even your closest friend should be aware of.

There are secrets about marriage that when you share it with people it will be capable of destroying that marriage.

Thanks for coming around and I hope you enjoyed the story. Please leave us your feedback via the comments section below.

Sharing is part of love. Please share to help others advised.

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