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Searching for true love (love story)

There are a lot of people out there who are seeking for true love. Unlike many who’s primary objective is to use and dump any woman they came across.

Due to the challenging situations in the society many has found it difficult to find true love.

Ladies will complain that ‘all men are the same everywhere‘. This is as a result of the growing thirst for sexual satisfaction in men.

Man has more thirst for sexual interaction but it is not enough reason why I should believe that all men are the same.

If you actually claim that all men are the same, have you tried me? Lol.

Our complex society has made it difficult for young lovers to find true love.

When you eventually find one, it will seem as if you have found your soul mate.

But honestly, finding the right woman or man is a blessing and you must be thankful to God for that.

Unfortunately, many do not know the importance of what they have until they loose it.

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This story is about Michael who left his father’s home in search for a true love.

Searching for true love

Michael couldn’t bare the heartbreaks anymore. He was tired of having his girlfriends cheating on him.

He decided to relocate to the city and search for his soul mate.

The young Michael wanted a woman he can take in as his wife. And to get that, he needed a woman that will actually love him.

In the city of Owerri he lived in a thatched house (a less expensive house made of zinc). Due to his financial power, he needed to stay in a place where he can afford the annual rents.

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While he strives to accomplish his mission of coming to Owerri city, he secured for himself a security job at Rapour Hotels.

Rapour Hotels is a well known hotel in the area. It is known for it’s ‘Home-away-from-Home treatments’. 

Another thing again, the Hotel is known as the harbinger of prostitutes.

Michael was working there and still scouting for true love.

Chiamaka was a student of Imo State University (IMSU). Her parents died while she was still writing her senior WAEC.

She decided for herself that she must attain her degree certificate no matter what it may cost.

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Before she entered school, she learnt a skill which helped her succeed her first year as an IMSU student.

Unfortunately, her second year was a problem. No one seem to patronise her business anymore. All the money on her were getting exhausted. 

She then concluded to become a prostitute and also promised herself to stop it the moment she realizes enough money to start her business again.

On her first day as a prostitute, it was at Rapour Hotels. The hotel was very far from her school. Shocking to her, she met some of her colleagues who are now her partners in crime.

She sat on a chair very far from where the main things were happening and got drown in tears.

Michael noticed she has been sitting alone for quite a long time. He decided to approach her to know what her problem was.

She ignored him and left the premises after Michael pressed on to know what the problem was.

The next day, she came back but Michael was not on duty.

Though she did not stay long at the hotel as she still was not feeling uncomfortable with her new job.

The next day morning (Sunday), Michael was seen arranging his office and Chiamaka came around.

“Hi” she greeted. Turning to see who greeted him, Michael could not speak for about 30 seconds as he stood speechless looking at the beautiful woman that just greeted him.

“Hi” she said again. The second hi jotted him back to reality. He replied “hi” gradually raising his palm.

“Am sorry for what happened two days ago” Chiamaka said. “It was unlike me. Sorry I was not really in my right senses” she confessed.

“It’s okay, I have no problem with that” Michael replied.

“So we are good?” She asked. “Sure!” Micheal replied.

They shook eachother, admiringly looked at one another and went back to their various positions.

To Michael, it was as if what he has sort for in the past many years is now at his doorstep.

Though he tried to maintain his ground. The two people got along so very well that Chiamaka went ahead to relate what really made her to start the prostitution job.

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Michael made her to understand that promiscuity was never the best solution to her problems. He advised her to look for the best alternatives instead of promiscuity.

His first salary as a security officer at the Rapour Hotels he gave it to Chiamaka.

He told her that this was his first savings since he came to Owerri so she should invest it wisely.

It really touched her to the extent of shedding tears.

She confessed that since her parents died this was her first time of receiving an act of kindness and it was from someone she knows nothing about.

Months passed and they are lovers already.

To Michael his search for true love was over as he believes that he has seen his soul mate.

Searching for true love (love story)
To Michael, his search for true
Love was over

Michael continued working as a security officer at the hotel until Chiamaka who no longer needed his financial support graduated from the higher institution.

On the day of her final papers, while she was still jubilating with others, cars of the same model (entourage) entered her school.

They drove straight to her department and it was shocking to her that the young man she has dated for about two years was the Prince of Umuaka kingdom.

At the time she saw Prince Michael coming out from one of the cars, she fainted.

When she woke up, the first thing she did was to slap him. His guards attempted a retaliation but he breached them.

He knelt down before her and apologized for disguising himself as a commoner.

According to him, he came to Owerri to search for true love. He wanted a lady who will love him for who he is and not what he is. 

He stopped searching the moment he saw her for the very first time at the Rapour Hotels.

He brought out a ring and asked her to marry him.

Even before saying ‘YES’ the surprised onlookers are already shouting “yes! Yes! Yes!” at the top of their voices.

She finally said “Yes I will marry you”. The joy in the entire environment increased as the prince wore her the engagement ring.

Few months later, the prince got married to the right woman he has been searching for.

To him the search for true love is now over.


 Don’t judge people for their appearance or your first meet with them. Something leads to something.

Finding true love is never easy especially when you are finding the right soul mate.

Please share if you liked the story and don’t forget to leave us your comments.

I am also open to constructive critiques…

Remain blessed and safe.

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The search for true love (love story)