Reasons why some people are not successful in the world

It’s no longer a news that the society is divided into the haves and the have nots. Sometimes, one wonder why some people are successful and others are not.

The truth is, no man is created to be above his fellow man. The only problem is that, some factors made man not to attain the same position of his fellow man.

I have no intention whatsoever to get you confused. What I am saying in essence is, just like in George Orwell’s Animal Farm ‘all animals are equal but some are more equal than the others’.

This is a clear picture of the world’s stratification of people. 

There are people who are richer than some while there are some that are poorer than the others.

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In this post, I shall highlight and discuss in brief what I have observed and verified to be the reasons why many people are not successful around the globe.

15 reasons why some people are not successful

reasons why some people are not successful in the world

1. Low prayer life

I’ve come to realise that many unsuccessful people do not believe in God and the power of prayers.

We have failed so early to remember that He made the world and everything in it including it’s riches.

God of course is a king and He created mankind and called them His sons and daughters.

That automatically makes every human being princes and princesses of the Most High God.

If our Father is that rich (richer than the richest) what makes you think that you are created to become poor?

If you don’t believe in the powers of prayers trust me, you are the exact reason why you are where you are today.

Recognise God and He will definitely recognise you.

2. Lack of creativity

Inability to create new ideas is another reason why people are not succeeding in the world.

In this blogging environment for example, allot of bloggers indulge in plagiarism (copying the works of others without recognising the original owner).

They cannot make research and develop their own ideas instead the ideas of other people.

It is also applicable in many other fields of human endeavour.

What the global society needs is something new. Try and come up with something unheard of or rebrand an already existing idea. That is the only way you can succeed in a particular thing.

To buttress this point further, Saviosantos said “doing what others are doing the same way they do it is like seeking for independence when you are not interested for freedom”.

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3. Not ready to learn

One thing one has to understand is that this world is dynamic in nature that is the world changes from time to time.

What is fancied yesterday maybe useless today.

As a person who seeks for success, it is important you unlearn old ideas and be ready to learn knew ideas which the world is searching or seeking for.

Your inability to focus and learn is definitely a reason why you can never succeed.

4. Lack of Self-confidence

Lack of Self-confidence is also another reason why some people are less prosperous unlike the others in the world.

Many thinks that they are too small to achieve a particular goal. Some believe that achieving success is never possible.

Honestly, success can only come when you are determined to achieve it irrespective of age, sex, locality etc. The little Emmanuella is typical example of this discussion.

5. Holding to the past

Because you didn’t succeed yesterday does not mean you will not succeed today.

So many people rely so much on their past failures and that is the reason why they can’t achieve success.

The reason is because no room is given for ideas that will bring success but rather they are always thinking about the failures of the past.

6. Hoping on people

Hoping on people is very bad and disastrous. Many are not successful today because they believe that someone else will help them.

Leaving or levelling all your hope on someone else who also has a problem is an act of unconscious stupidity (Saviosantos, 2019).

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Have you ever being in a situation where you planned to do something from what someone promised you and at the end of the day you got disappointed?

Stop hoping on other people to help you, learn to be what I call ‘self-helper’.

7. Laziness

Laziness on this regard cannot be over emphasised. Allot of people are so lazy that they cannot even wash their own cloths.

This set of people are so lazy that they don’t see any reason why they should hustle for their own success.

This type of people are among those who place all their hope on other people to become successful.

8. Peer group influence

The kind of friends you keep also play a big role in shaping your interest in attaining success.

Like the Holy Bible said “iron shapeneth iron”. This in other words mean that you need like-minded people to achieve what you want achieve in life.

9. Environmental influence

The environment where you find yourself also has a role it plays in your pursuit for prosperous attainment.

Some societies don’t encourage their young ones to hustle, while some also resist their members from doing things outside their jurisdiction.

This among others add up to how the environment can make some people in the world not to attain success.

10. Envious of successful people

What makes you think that when you envy successful people you will be like them?

Envy to me is synonymous to wickedness. Been envy over other people’s joy is very bad and evil.

You cannot be higher than where you are as long as you envy other people who has attained such higher position.

11. Currupt government

Evil and currupt government equally plays a role on why many have not attained success globally.

Let’s say for example, something that is made for the entire society some group of people (government) are keeping it for themselves.

This is like keeping the progress of an entire society in one person’s table.

12. Unfriendly government’s policies

Some policies laid down by the government has never helped the citizenry.

Many of these policies has denied many citizens the opportunity of achieving their dreams.

13. Religious fanaticism

Many religion don’t give room for some certain things and these things hindered by some religions leads to the non-success of her members.

14. Peanut salaries

Tell me, how can a man take care of his family when he is paid peanuts at the end of every month as salary?

Many cannot achieve anything meaningful at the end of the year from the kind of salaries they receive at month ends.

Some workers are sometimes not even paid their salaries until after 3-4 months. And when the money comes, the way it will be squandered one will begin to ask, does it mean that the person who is receiving this salary lack good managerial skills.

How can you have good managerial skills when you are owed for about 4-5 months of service?

Within this period won’t the person feed, cloth himself and also address other pressing needs? 

And when the money comes he uses it to settle the whole money he has borrowed.

The monies people receive as salary is one of the problems or the reason why they are not achieving success in life.

The only remedy is, workers should be paid a mouthwatering salary at the end of every month.

15. You don’t observe your progress

Not observing you progress or the length you have come is very wrong.

At all times it is important to check your previous progress and what you should do to make things better.

In conclusion

Achieving success is not a day stuff it demands allot to be attained.

Put in your best efforts and be consistent you will get there.

Hope this post was helpful? 

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