I have fallen into a setup – Omah Lay cries out

Omah Lay arrested by Ugandan Police Force
Omah Lay

Following the reports on Sunday confirming the arrest of Omah Lay, there seem not to be any hope for him to be released soon.

Omah Lay on Sunday was arrested by the Ugandan Police Force for performing at a concert.

The local entertainers raised the alarm of favouritism as they claimed the police force where not carrying out their lawful duties.

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In Uganda the cases of coronavirus pandemic is very high. As a result, the country government issued a sit at home order. No group was allowed to host any party whatsoever.

Unfortunately for Omah Lay, maybe he did not do his homework properly before accepting the invitation at Ugandan.

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Despite telling his millions of fans that he will be fine in his previous post, things seem not to be going the ways he expected.

In his previous post via his social media, he said;

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“Yes Iā€™m with the Ugandan police… something about the show from last night. Everything would be fine…

Omah šŸ’œ”

From his recent posts it’s obvious things are not going as planned or expected.

“Iā€™m just a singer trying to entertain, why am I being set up in Uganda?”

The Nigerian celebrity is still in confusion. He is still wondering if his invitation to Uganda was never a setup.

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“Is there something bigger at play in Uganda? Why do I have to take the fall for it???”

Meanwhile, other Nigerian celebrities like Phyno and WizKid has taken to their walls to express there disgust on the arrest of Omah Lay.

Phyno sounded confused from his own end as he wondered why would one be accepted into a country when they know he will be arrested.

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Phyno also blamed Africa for backwardness.

In his own words he said;

“This is crazy .. If u Knw u would arrest them after the show .. why let them into your country in the first place .. africa sha”

WizKid, another well respected artist has also taken to his handle to express his undiluted anger. He twitted for the release of his people and allow them to go home.

#FreeTems #Freeomahlay šŸ’” Free my people & bring them home safe!

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