John's future was ruined because his mother over pampered him

Just like the Holy Bible said, “too much of everything is bad”.

This in a nutshell means that, it is not a bad idea to pamper a child but when it is overdone, it becomes a problem.

A child’s future can be ruined especially when he is given everything that he ask for.

Parents who always give their children everything they request for is not doing such a child any good rather they are ruining their future.

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I am not soliciting that children should not be taken of or their needs not attended to. What I am saying is that don’t give them everything.

As a parent, you should know what a child should have as a toy. Every human has a toy equivalent to their age.

That is to say, adults has their own toys (advanced technological equipments) while children have their own toys too.

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So children or individuals should be allowed to have toys relevant to their ages.

Spoiling your baby with lots of gift at all times without restrictions is very wrong. Don’t be surprised that your own child will walk up to you one day and ask you to make love to him/her. Don’t be surprised because it happens. 

So your ability to inculcate in your children the spirit of self-satisfaction is when you are able to deny them of some certain wants when they are kids.

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The story of a child (John) who had everything

The story that you are about reading is the story of John was over pampered by his mother and his Future was ruined for it.

Back in our primary school days, out Maths teacher used to tell us a story of an over pampered boy called John.

John’s dad died few weeks after he was born in a car accident.

His mother took it upon herself to provide all his wants and needs. 

She so pampered John to the extent of picking quarrels with anyone who dares to correct him.

Many a times she gets involved in a fight with her son’s teachers for punishing him.

The over pampering continued until he attained adulthood.

Unfortunately, John joined a bad group in school and he was arrested after a bank robbery.

Others with him escaped and he was the only one caught.

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The court sentenced him to death  through a firing squad after he was found guilty of such crimes as; murder, arson, armed robbery, etc.

As he was to meet his last minutes on earth, he was asked if he had any wish, and he requested to talk to his mother.

They invited his mother. When she came, he requested she came close because he wanted to whisper some words into her ears.

He bit off her left ear with his teeth and said “if you had trained me well, I wouldn’t have ended up like this”.

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They took the mother away and the armed forces took care of the court’s order. John died by a firing squad.

From the story above, one can agree with me that the way parents handle their children’s issues matter a lot.

Assuming John’s mother did not over pamper him, or was able to carry out her job diligently, John’s future wouldn’t have ended the way it did.

Another is Juana’s mother who always pick offence each time one is trying to correct her child.

It’s bad to see the way parents react to when their children are being corrected. 

Good parents know that husband and wife are not only the trainers of a child. Neighbours, friends, teachers, peers are also inclusive.

Your duty as a parent is to stand as the major morality teacher when it comes to training your child.

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Pampering your child is never wrong or bad but when you are over doing it, it becomes a very bad problem.

Children are given to us by God. It is our sole responsibility to ensure that they are properly trained and also live a life worthy of emulation.

I am speaking not to judge anyone but to remind us parents that the way a child is trained in the family is the way he will train his own children and it continues from generation to another.

What have you got to say about this story? Let’s hear your opinions via the comments section below. Don’t also forget to share.

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