Christmas: young lady loses sanity because of bone straight hair

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 A young lady loses sanity because of bone straight hair

A young lady loses sanity on Christmas Day because of bone straight hair

Somewhere in Owerri, the capital city of Imo State, a young beautiful lady was made mad on Christmas Day.

Wonders shall never cease to happen as a pretty young lady was seen roaming the street and screaming “bone straight hair!”.

From the video that has gone viral on social media, it was gathered that the pretty young lady was used for money ritual.

Watch the VIDEO from TWITTER

This event took place on Christmas early morning as many prepares to celebrate the birth of Christ.

The name of the young lady who lost her sanity was not revealed as at the time of writing this story.


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From the video she said “do you know how much is bone straight? Have you worn bone straight hair before?” While she was saying this, she was busy running around.

The person behind the camera confirmed it that lady in the video was really mad.

Unfortunately for many girls who will not listen to advise will still continue.


This was the same thing that happened when blackberry phone came into existence. Many girls engaged in one evil activity or the other just to have the now long forgotten mobile phone.

Later on, iPhones started coming into the picture. The same young ladies would want to have such expensive phones and at the end of the day their lives will be a mess up.

Currently it is bone straight hair. A young lady has just been made mad simply because she wants to acquire the current expensive human hair.

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Irrespective of the fact that all these stuffs don’t last, people especially ladies still do not want to learn their leasons.

Saviosantos will always say “leasons learnt from others mistakes help to overcome it’s repetition”.

Don’t repeat the mistake of another person.

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