Christmas season was fast approaching, daddy and mummy have already finalized that we are celebrating the holidays at grandma’s house.

Though I was not cool with the decision because the last time grandma visited us she was looking so mean.

She looks like a no nonsense person.

Though I never had time to stay with her because am always at school or back home doing my homework.

So this time around, daddy has decided we visited the angry looking grandma in her own house.

My whole world will be a mess if I try to mess around.

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From the scary stories I have heard about her, one can really see reasons with me why I am sounding like this.

Since I was born, I have not had an interaction with her because we rarely travel to visit her. And she rarely leave her house for any courtesy visit.

Let’s say my father copied that from her. He selects few of the occasions he attend.

Even my school Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) meeting my mum is the one that represents him in the meeting.

How I spent my holidays at grandma's house
Grandma’s House

Visiting Grandma’s house

It was 5AM on Saturday and a heavy knock on my door disrupted the dream I was having.

In the dream, it was as if an old lady was laughing at me while I was crying. Her face was so horrible that I nearly thanked my dad for waking me up from my sleep.

The dream discouraged me much for preparing for the Christmas holiday.

In my mind, I concluded that that old lady in my dream was my grandma and she won’t mean well for me when we get there.

Daddy’s serious look made me get up and start preparing for the long journey.

Daddy’s serious facial expression is always a nonverbal warning. 

The moment he understands that you are not heeding to his warnings the next thing will be a painful spank on your butts. And that is not what I want this Christmas morning.

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I got my stuff ready and we headed for the East.

As expected, the road was very busy because many were also traveling to their various homes to celebrate the festive period with their families.

After about 5 hours on the road, we finally arrived at grandma’s house.

Grandma’s House

On our arrival, grandma was out with her walking stick to welcome us.

Though I was not comfortable with her because I have already concluded that she was an evil woman.

Grandma brought out the rice she prepared. My own portion of food was more than that of my parents and she gave me the lap of the chicken she prepared.

Dad looked at me and smiled. And mum asked “who told grandma that you eat too much food?”

“That shouldn’t be your problem. He is a growing young man and he needs enough food to stay strong” granny replied mum.

At that moment my whole hate for my grandmother began to fade. I noticed I was beginning to like her little by little.

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After eating my meal, granny told me to clean the whole table and put everywhere in order. This is something I have never done all my life. Mum is usually the one who does all the house chores.

When I tried to argue, she said “this is my house don’t come here and argue with me”.

I looked at dad and he just walked away without uttering a word. I had no other option than to clean the tables.

Until the Christmas season was over, I know I learnt a lot of things before returning to the West.

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Among many things I learnt at my grandmother’s house were

  1. Cleaning the dishes after eating. 
  2. Washing my clothes with hands (not depending on the washing machine). 
  3. Greeting Elders.
  4. It was wrong to talk back at your parents. 
  5. It was great to make friends. Don’t solely depend on your parents to achieve success in life. 
  6. Don’t judge people by their looks. 
  7. You can achieve success irrespective of age or gender.

Honestly, I really learnt a lot from grandma.

I came to notice that the dream I had before joining my parents to visit her was just as a result of the bad thoughts I had against her.

Above all, grandma is one of the best gifts anyone can ask God for.

Just two weeks in her house, I felt like I was becoming a man even though I was just 9 years old.

My name is Samuel, I am 9 years old and that’s my story on how I spent my holiday at grandma’s house.

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