4 wrong perceptions of Christmas season

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Wrong Perceptions about Christmas season

The season of Christmas is here and let me first of all thank all of our readers who have been enjoying all our stories and life helping tips/motivational talks.

As we are celebrating this festive period let’s remember to ensure that all safe COVID-19 protocols are observed.

I understand that a good number of the world’s population don’t believe in the existence of the virus but please it’s better prevented than contacting the virus as a result of ignorance.

As we are also celebrating this year’s Christmas, I wish to briefly explain 4 misconceptions about this festive period.

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Wrong Perceptions of Christmas

Many people believe that this festive season is;

1. A funication Season

Christmas is a season of love and not a season of funication.

Many young lovers has perceived this time to be a time when they can satisfy their sexual urge but it’s very wrong.

The celebration of the nativity of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is supposed to be a time when we show to people how much we love and care.

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There are many children out there who do not have parents and also no one to look after them. Attending to few of their needs by you will always paint this sense of belonging and love in them.

I can also remember when I was a child and during my teenage, we do go from house to house exchanging gifts with friends and families.

I know that due to the dynamism of the society and people failing to love one another these days, such love and care is gradually going into extinction.

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Our children needs to be taught the right thing and not to believe that Christmas is a season when lovers have the opportunity to have sex.

2. Xmas and not Christmas

Another wrong perception of the meaning of Christmas is the changing of the correct Christmas to Xmas.

This is very wrong. Very very wrong.

There is no part of the world were ‘CHRIST‘ is spelt as ‘X’

According to history, a certain Pope changed the Jewish idle celebration of 25th December to a day to celebrate the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Instead of celebrating evil on that day, the celebration of the birth of Christ became more acceptable.

Atheists and haters of Jesus Christ changed ‘CHRIST’ to ‘X’ meaning ‘NO mas‘.

Simply put, Christmas means the birth of Christ (The anointed one). While Xmas means No-mas (no one was born).

To sum that up, the nativity of Christ is known as Christmas so avoid the use of Xmas.

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3. Wealth challenge season

A good number of people also conceive this season as a season when people show off who has the best of cars, the best of houses etc.

This has really resulted to the murder of a lot of people just for the celebration of this season.

Because they want to celebrate the season in a very special way, people indulge in money rituals and other immoral activities like prostitution etc.

Christmas season is not a season when you show off your best belongings. 

It shouldn’t be a period when people begin to challenge themselves over their accumulation of wealth…etc.

4. Season of Oppression

This is specifically what the government and business people do especially in Nigeria. 

When the season of Christmas approaches, the price of commodities will escalate making things very difficult for the poor masses to purchase.

The government also close the boarders for the importation of commodities. And this usually happen when the festive period is approaching.


Christmas is a season when we show to our neighbours, strangers, enemies, friends and families how much we love and care about them. It is not a season of hate and agony.

Let’s understand that we are made for one another. Let’s stop this dichotomy that is existing among us and embrace love.

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Once again, a very big thank you to all our esteemed readers and subscribers.

We did it together this year, let’s do it again and better next year….

Merry Christmas and happy end of the year and new year in advance….

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