Wickedness at the highest order. A woman corrects a child’s mistake by hitting him on regular basis with a bottle.

Child Abuse: woman arrested for constantly punishing son with bottle

Uche is a nephew to one Miss. Adamma. He has stayed with her for more than three months.

From the information gathered, it was made known that the young boy is one of Adamma sister’s son.

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The woman in question do not have any child of her own.

Eye witnesses claim that Adamma don’t use any other thing to punish her nephew if not with a bottle.

What got everyone talking today was that the woman decided to lock the little boy outside last night for not properly washing the dishes.

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Her nephew slept outside and the next morning, she woke him up with a bottle.

Before the little boy could realise what was going on, she has already broken the bottle on his head.

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The neighbours could no longer take it. They got her arrested and ensured her nephew received proper treatment.

Many bottles has broken either as a result of stoning the boy or hitting it on his head.

The biological parents of this boy have refused to take any action as they believe that Adamma is only correcting the boy’s mistakes.

Well this time around they have come to believe that what they were hearing is no longer rumour.

When they saw their child at the hospital they believed that their son was actually subjected to child abuse.

To parents and guardians who are taking care of their own children and or other people’s children, this act of child abuse has to stop. 

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Punishing a child with a bottle is way too evil and unspeakable.

What kind of parents will sit and do nothing while their son is subjected to child abuse?

It’s unfortunate Adamma doesn’t know the importance of having a child that is why her nephew suffered such evil from her.

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Well thank God for the kind of neighbours she had. They should be praised for showing such care. I also hope the law court gives this little boy the justice he deserves.

What’s your take on this story?

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