Adaeze denied her blind mother on her matriculation


On her matriculation day, Adaeze denied her blind mother

Adaeze Denied Her Mother on Her Matriculation

Adaeze was seriously preparing for her matriculation and ensured she invited all her friends and well wishers who don’t know about her family background.

She lied to everyone that she came from one of the wealthiest families in town.

Before her matriculation she has maintained a very great relationship with sons and daughters of very rich people in her school.

Each time they requested to know her parents she always come up with an excuse. Is either that they traveled out of the country or they are having an uninterruptible meeting with men that matter in the society.

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Living this fake life paved ways for her so much not until her school matriculation day.

Her parents were involved in an auto crash which happened at her 4th birthday. Her mother became blind and her father died at the accident.

Irrespective of her mother’s blindness, her mother still managed to see to it that Adaeze never lacked anything from childhood to adulthood.

Unfortunately for the woman, Adaeze was a lady with high taste.


Adaeze refused to inform her mother about her matriculation. From the view of things it’s obvious she never wanted any form of embarrassment.

All her friends came around with their parents and they took good number of very beautiful pictures.

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Adaeze was shocked to see a blind woman directed to where she was.

It was her mother. Over the radio she got the information that today was Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education matriculation.

Why her daughter refused to tell her was still a problem they will need to settle at home but she is here to make her feel happy.

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Adaeze denied knowing her mother. Irrespective of the obvious facial and voice resemblance, she still maintained she never knew whom the blind woman was.

She was so embarrassed and left everyone.

Adaeze’s mother was so heartbroken that her own daughter could deny her because of her condition.


Adaeze went back to the village to appologize to her mother and also tell her why she acted the way she did.

On her arrival, she met an empty compound. Her eyes quickly went to her father’s grave (where he was buried) and instead of one she saw two graves.

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She was shocked on the kind of erosion that could cause such a hip that has the same shape like that of her father’s grave.

From a passerby, she made enquiry of her mother’s whereabout, then she received the most heartbreaking news of her life.

‘Your mother died of heart attack two days ago’ the passerby told her.

That was the exact day of her matriculation.

Adaeze cried uncontrollably. Her tears attracted another set of villagers and sympathisers.

She is now blaming herself for the death of the woman that ensured she became useful to herself and to the society. 

Not minding her blind condition, she still ensured she sold everything she had just to give her daughter a better life.

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