After 4 year as a student of accounting in the Imo State University, Jonathan is now a certified graduate.

Because life was so tough in Owerri the Imo state capital, young Jonathan came home to stay with his mother. Though he was nurturing the desire to travel to Lagos in search of a greener pasture.

He lost his father at the age of two and his mother have been the only one catering for his needs.

He’s the only son of his parents. It was the desire of his father to ensure that his son attains the best education but the cold hands of death took him too soon. 

To keep the promise of her husband to their only child, Jonathan’s mother took it upon herself to train him in higher institution.

She sold almost all her expensive belongings just to ensure Jonathan becomes useful in life.


Jonathan came back home from Owerri to stay in the village with his mother. Still planning on how to relocate to Lagos in search of a greener pasture.

His mother was filed with happiness the moment she saw Jonathan.

To her, Jonathan was her husband and only family. Is better she go hungry than to hear that Jonathan was starving.

After the warm welcome, later that night, Jonathan told his mother of his plans on about going to Lagos.

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His mother has no issue with it as long as he promises to be safe and do the right thing.

The next day, Jonathan went to visit his father’s younger brother Omenka.

As one of his trusted uncles, Jonathan will always listen to every single advice that drops from his uncle’s mouth.

The uncle and nephew planned on going to somewhere secret before he could start his journey to Lagos.

Jonathan Returns to Meet the Witch

Your Mother is a Witch - A must read story

Returning from the secret journey Jonathan was obviously furious. His first action when he got back home was to enter his father’s room.

On coming out from the room, Jonathan brought out a small dull tied with a red and white piece.

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His mother who was not aware of her son’s return from his uncle’s place was filled with astonishment the moment he asked her “what is this?”

His mother was still shocked and denied knowing what that was.

“So mother after all this years your love for me was fake actually fake. So you are a witch! You killed papa when I was 2 years old and you tied my destiny to this dull” a slap on his face jotted a moment of silent.

His mother was so disappointed that her son could believe that she will do anything to hurt him. She denied knowing anything about the charm kept in his father’s room and also innocent of the allegation levelled against her.

Unable to control his temperament, Jonathan descended on his mother and never knew when he knocked life out of her.

His World Crashes

Jonathan jumped off his mother when he realised that he has killed her.

His unending screaming attracted the attention of neighbours. His uncle who heard the news equally came.

The whole community broke into tears as the news of a boy who killed the only person that saw to his training and coming of age circulated.

He was apprehended and dealt with. He confessed that his uncle Omenka took him to a man who told him that his mother was a witch. And according to the man, the only way he can succeed is when the witch is out of the way.

Omenka his uncle was also subjected to series of beating until he confessed that the prophet was fake.

He connived with the prophet to come up with a lie capable of destroying the remnants of his late brother’s family.

He wanted to inherit all the properties he left behind which by right were the birthright of Jonathan.

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On hearing this, Jonathan fainted. He did not survive it. His uncle on the other hand was burnt alive by the angry mob.

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The story you just read is purely fictitious apart from the locations mentioned. Please disregard every other form of resemblance because it’s a coincidence.

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