Worst mistakes you can make as a person

Worst deadly mistakes people make and should be avoided

Like we all know, everyone is bound to making mistakes no matter how professional you can be. That is why the old saying hits it that ‘no man is perfect’.

Irrespective of this known fact about humanity, it is still important we understood some of the mistakes people make which should be avoided.

This error if not corrected can lead to the total damnation of such person.

Achieving success is not a day job. You must sacrifice a lot to achieve success. Perseverance in what you are doing will lead you to your goal.

Worst Mistakes People Make

Below in subtopics are the worst mistakes people make and should be avoided to achieve personal development.

Giving up

Giving up is one of the greatest mistakes one must avoid.

Have you being in the situation of not achieving what you want and you end giving up? Or are you thinking that it won’t be a success so you need to give up?

Honestly speaking, giving up is a clear justification of your cowardice.

To break this point down, it’s important I informed you that myself was a victim of giving up in the pursuit of my dreams. But as God may have it, I am still on it.

I am a comedian and movie director. For my comedy videos I used smartphone to cover the video.

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Unfortunately for me, I lost my smartphone and there was no other substitute.

I begged people for their phone so that I can keep that zeal of ‘acting’ alive. 

Of course you can testify to the difference between when you own a property and when you borrow a property.

ENGAGEMENT‘ one of the movies I Directed

The owner of the phone I usually borrow to do my movie stuffs will always be in a hurry to collect his phone. This discouraged me so much that I nearly gave up.

But as God may have it, I am still hustling to get a good camera so that I can continue with that thing that makes me happy.

I never gave up. So I encourage you never to give up. See your current problem as a challenge and tackle it.

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Neglecting Challenges: 

Explaining this I will use myself as an example. 

There was a time when I cannot provide food for myself talk more my family. As at that time, my father called me names and reminded me how my mates were making real money.

To my father, how this people made their money was not a problem, what was more important is, I go out there and start making money.

I took it upon myself that I will make money in a genuine way. Though many of my mates acquired their wealth through illegal means but I wanted to be different.

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And because I trust God will make my dream a success, I also pray you too will become a genuine successful person.

Neglecting your Capabilities

This is another deadly mistake people must avoid.

Let me tell you something, you can never be successful in life if you don’t believe in yourself. The more you neglect you capabilities, the more you open your door to total failure.

A man in Rivers state will always say “if you think you are too small for anything try sleeping with mosquitoes”.

As truthful as it sounds. Sleep in a room domiciled by mosquitoes and see what becomes of you in the next few days when you don’t treat yourself.

No matter how small you are, you can still do great things. So avoid neglecting your capabilities because they worth more than you can imagine.

Belittling Your Teacher

People must learn to avoid this deadly error.

Belittling your teacher or thinking that you are taller or older than him so who is he to teach you? Should be eradicated from your mind.

I do tell people that even the commander of the highest level of education (professor) is still a student.

For no one to be an encyclopedia of knowledge, it therefore means that no body knows everything except God the Maker of the universe.

That is to say, a professor need more information to widen his knowledge.

No matter your age, you can learn from anyone. And for you to achieve that knowledge which you seek, you must be humble.

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Whether your teacher is badly dressed or has a unique deformation, you should avoid the distractions and learn.

There is a saying that says “forget about what is written on the vehicle and enter the vehicle”. This simply means, “ignore the distractions and get what you want”.

Since a professor is not an encyclopedia of knowledge, it equally mean that he can learn from knowledge bearers who are below his class.

Therefore, to learn what you don’t know, you must humble yourself and stop belittling your teachers.

Lacking Concentration

Lack of concentration or not being interested in what you are doing poses a great danger.

When you are not interested in what you are doing you can never be successful in such thing.

It is important to put in your best in everything you do. Lack of concentration is a grave mistake and must be avoided.

Okay, let’s say you are in class and not paying attention to what the teacher is saying. Tell me, how can you understand what is taught? Definitely nothing. And if you were asked to defend the topic taught, you will fail woefully.

You must learn to pay attention and develop great interest in whatever you think you are doing.


The worst mistakes people make usually come from their personal traits and correct it, it must be a self-determined agreement.

What I am trying to say is, for you to overcome this deadly errors you must agree within yourself.

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