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Hello there, am glad you are asking this question. Maybe you are having issues understanding the effects of comparing yourself with other people.

In this post, I will like us to discuss what is likely going to happen when you compare yourself with others.

What happens when you Compare Yourself with others


You should bear in mind that all humans are created equal but never equal.

Lemme explain. We are created equal in the sense of, nobody is bigger than anybody irrespective of class, gender etc we are all equal in the eyes of our Creator.

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We are never equal in the sense of, not being created or born the same day and also not being gifted with the same gift.

Every person is gifted differently and to become successful. Every person is destined to succeed differently.

That is to say in a nutshell, the way Mr A succeeds is astonishingly different from the way Mr B succeeds.

Just like the old saying “one man’s food is another’s poison“. This simply means, that what was good for Mr A could be bad for Mr B.

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Because you are not created with the same destiny as anybody that is the exact reason why you shouldn’t compare yourself with anyone.

Don’t be surprised that members of your family and even the people you hold in high esteem will likely be those comparing you to other people.

No matter how hard you try you can never be like another person.

Everyone is destined to succeed in a particular way. That’s what you must figure out before you can succeed.

Thinking that you deserve better is not a bad thing. Placing yourself in the shoes of a friend who is in a better position is never a bad thought. 

It becomes evil when you begin to query yourself for not succeeding while your mates are making it.

Your inability to become successful now can never be changed when you want to do what others did to become successful.

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By the way, have you ever asked how those people you are comparing yourself to make their wealth? I guess no.

Trying or wanting to be like the others’ should be erased from your mind. You must look forward to being yourself and maximizing the potentials deposited in you.

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Everybody is blessed with great potentials. Identify and explore what you are good at and see the benefits flowing in.

Myself that is talking to you right now, I can’t tell you that I’m perfect but I can beat my chest and tell you that I believe in what I can do and not what others can do for me.

Of course, I have being a victim of self-comparison but after noticing that it was exposing the fake me, I stopped and decided to be myself.

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My family and friends had told me in the past how stupid I was simply because I refused to follow my mates in acquiring illegal wealth. But today, my family and friends are proud of the person I’ve become.

What Happens When You Compare Yourself

1. Losing Focus

When you compare yourself with others, you lose focus.

 Of course, your main attention may be to become successful but when you start putting yourself in the shoes of other people you notice that you are no longer on the right track.

Let’s say, for example, you are a simple and easy-going person, but because you want to be like the other person, your attitude and mode of approach changed. This might be as a result of joining them into acquiring illegal wealth.

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As a result, your main focus has changed from maybe something more unique and legitimate to something damnable.

2. Negative Thoughts

Because you want to acquire the likeliness of what the other person has, you wouldn’t mind doing anything just to get that thing.

This is unique among ladies. I’ve heard the stories of how ladies sleep with different men just to acquire the latest smartphone their friend has.

Thinking about not having what the other has will lure you into thinking about how to acquire such a thing without minding the consequences.

3. Fake lifestyle

Comparing yourself with other people means you want to start leaving a fake lifestyle.

Leaving a fake life is never a good tag to a responsible person.

The only way you can avert this situation is to accept yourself the way you are and being the original you.

4. Self-endangerment

Do you know that when you want to leave the lifestyle of other people you are endangering your life?

Let’s revisit my previous example of young ladies ready to offer anything including their body only to acquire the latest smartphone.

What if in the process they died or one bad thing or the other happened to them?

You endanger yourself each time you compared yourself with other people. This is because you might end up doing something bad only to be like them.

5. Losing Self-respect

Wanting to be like others might make you lose respect for yourself. People will be like “look at him wanting to be like John”.

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It’s a very bad tag for people to be seeing you like that. You should learn to be yourself and win more of those respect for yourself.

The Joy of Self-love

Being yourself enables you to love yourself and what you do.

Of course, you will always want to do things that make you happy. Looking at other people’s lifestyles might serve as a motivation to building your lifestyle and not being like them.

When you love yourself you kick away every voice that is soliciting for comparing yourself with the others.

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In conclusion, you must learn to love yourself and avoid wanting to be like other people because it will yield no good fruit.

Hope this content was helpful? Let’s hear your inputs via the comment section below. 

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