Successful man: The unchallenged story

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Every successful man on earth has a story surrounding his success.

If you are opportune to have an interview with the world’s richest men, you will know that they have a story behind their success.

The truth is that, all this stories don’t always start with a smiling face. You will notice that they started from somewhere and they are here now.

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People who think that a successful man is specially created should bury that thought and start rethinking.

No body is created to be unequal to his fellow human. Though we are all blessed with different gifts and talents but we are all equal.

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No brain is a created to be bigger. All brains are created equal. The only thing is that, brains are developed according to the bearers limitations.

That is to say, your brain is limited to knowing only what you an individual wants it to know.

In other words, you can bombard your brain with many unlimited knowledgeable contents.

In this post, I won’t be sharing the stories of specific successful people but virtues every successful man posses.

That is to say, if you are looking forward to become an accomplished person you must have this virtues.

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Virtues of a successful man

1. Know God

I know my reasons of bringing this first.

No one can become successful without God’s approval.

Always call on God each time you want to do anything.

A neglect to the existence of God is a neglect to your chances of achieving success.

That is to say in a short sentence; to become an accomplished person in life, you must know God.

unchallenged story of every successful man
To become successful
you must know God

2. Perseverance

According to an Oxford Dictionary, perseverance is; continuing in a course of action without any regard for discouragement, failure or previous life.

Understanding this definition, like I noted earlier, every successful man has a bad story that transcends to a better story. An accomplished man perseveres irrespective of his failure.

That is to say, every man who is accomplished in life was able to forget about the failures of his past and gave more importance to his future.

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3. A successful Man Is Always Ready to learn

If you wish to join the league of accomplished people then you must be ready to learn new ideas.

There is a great possibility that you are not applying the right approach towards achieving your goal. The only solution to that problem is for you to learn new ideas from people who were once faced with such problems.

Neglecting the idea of unlearning bad ideas and relearning new relevant ideas is 100% dangerous. You must learn to let go of old ideas and accept new ways of solving problems.

Our society is dynamic and is changing on regular basis. 

As this changes occur new ways of solving problems emerge making the old methods less important. 

As a person with the interest of achieving success, it is your duty to adapt to this changes.

unchallenged story of every successful man
You must unlearn to relearn
new ideas

4. Focused

To elaborate on this point, I will like to use myself as an example.

In 2019 when I started my blogging career, I didn’t search for how or paid any attention to learning how blogging works.

To me, blogging is just to ‘go online and publish everything your mind tells you’. As time went on, I noticed it was never like that.

For a full year, I was unable to maintain because many different topics from different niches negatively affected my blogging career.

Because I love blogging and will always want my voice heard, I started this particular blog via

Honestly, it was never easy.

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Partially, the spirit of affected this blog but at a time, I noticed I really need to focus on a particular niche if I must become successful with this blog.

This blog is specifically designed for story telling and self-development. It is possible overtime you may come across in this blog other contents that are different from this two topics, it balls down to when I said, the spirit of my old blog partially affected this particular one.

Being focused in a particular thing and doing everything possible to achieve the success of that thing will give you a better end result.

If you must do other things, you must achieve the success of one first to avoid being tagged ‘jack of all trade master of none’.

unchallenged story of every successful man
Stay focused to become
an accomplished person

5. A Successful Man Select his Friends

To become an successful man it is important to be friends selective.

Don’t allow your friends to choose you choose your friends.

Not everyone shares the same success vision with you and they will always discourage you each time you told them about it. 

Make friends with people who are ready to share the same vision with you.

This is important because they will back you up with many salient encouraging ideas on how you can achieve your goals.

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unchallenged story of every successful man
Choose your friends and it shouldn’t be the other way round

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6. A Successful Man loved Taking Risk

If you are success drunk and you are not ready to take risks then you are deceiving yourself.

To become an accomplished person, you must realise that life is tasking and requires sacrifices. You must be ready to risk something little to achieve something great.

7. Future Importance

Putting interest in tomorrow than yesterday yields great result. 

Like I said in perseverance, forget about your yesterday’s failure and pay more attention to your today and tomorrow.

Letting off your past will enable you accommodate new things.

Concluding Question

Like I repeatedly hinted in this post, every successful man has a story. As an individual who wishes to become a self accomplished person what is your own story?

Hope this post was helpful? Please feel free to share your own ideas via the comments section below. Thanks for coming around.

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