ODLIN’S BOX: the kingdom is on fire

 ‘Odlin’s Box’ is a short story written by Nekenwa Saviosantos. 

This is one of the best short stories you will be reading this week.

Synopsis of the short story

A righteous leader is he who is blessed by the gods perfectly and such blessings must come from the stolen Odlin’s box.

 The Oracle is the most feared in the Kingdom of Odlin. His reign brought about terror in the land.

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He is blessed by the gods and if any harm comes to him, the kingdom of Odlin shall perish. This is to say in a nutshell that the life of Odlin was tied to the existence of The Oracle. Because he knew this, The Oracle has become Odlins’ worst nightmare.

The Odlin's box of the kingdom is displaced

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Patriots has traveled out of the kingdom both far and near to seek for solutions on how to overthrow the government of The Oracle. Unfortunately, he remains the most powerful and trying any coup against him is a waste of time.

The reign of The Oracle for over 25 years brought about many uncertainties to the kingdom of Odlin. They are only waiting for their death since the gods had abandoned them to perish in the hands of the deadliest king in the whole universe.

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However, the gods have heard the tears of the Odlinians and a saviour is sent to redeem the dying kingdom.

For the messiah to achieve his purpose on earth, the blessings upon The Oracle must be revoked.

Great war in the Kingdom. Halian engages in a fierce war with the king and his army. This war will determine the end of terror or the emergence of the unimaginable in the Kingdom.

The Odlin's box of the kingdom is displaced

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