How to stop boils from growing in the ear after cleaning

 Have you ever cleaned your ears and boils start growing few days later?

This boil that grows makes it uneasy for you to sleep or even touch your ear.

I have faced this kind of problem before gush it was a hell of experience.

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I never knew that the actual cause of my ear problem was as a result of cleaning my ears.

Each time I cleaned my ears, boils begin to grow. I will never feel comfortable until the boil is totally gone.

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You cannot stop cleaning your ears because of the pains you get afterwards.

In this post, I will show you how I do clean my ears these days without the reoccurrence of boils.

To fudge ahead, you will need to know that it is:

  • Very bad to use needle or any sharp object in the ear. 
  • Always prevent anything other than sound from entering the ear.
How to stop boils from growing in the ear after cleaning
Alway prevent anything other than sound from entering the ear.

My short experience

There was a day I searched for cotton swab so that I can use it to clean my ears. Because I was at the roadside that very day getting the cotton swab was difficult.

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Fortunately or unfortunately I had my key in my pocket.

Because my ear was badly itching, I needed something too quickly to clean it with. I used the key in my pocket to clean my ear.

I never knew that I got myself injured in the ear while I was doing it with the key.

Few days later, a boil grew in my ear. For those who has the experience you will agree with me more. But I was able to drink medicine which helped.

Immediately after the boil, for more than 3 weeks, I was not the owner of my ear.

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It was as if I was going deaf. My mum was so scared that she couldn’t do nothing but to rush me to the hospital.

The doctor confirmed I used a sharp on my ear that’s why I was suffering from what I was passing through.

The doctor gave me some drug prescriptions and it helped in solving the ear problem.

How to properly clean the ears without the boils growing

Like I said earlier I used to be a victim of this ear problem. After I met with my doctor, he advised me to always wet my cotton swab before use.

That’s it, to use the cotton swab in your ear, ensure it is wet.

Check out home remedies to solving the problem boils in the ear.

In some occasions we have being advised to stop the usage of cotton swabs for some reasons.

Allowing it to become wet will help the ear not to feel any form of roughness.

Since then till date, that is the only method I have being applying each time I want to clean my ears.


This content is written in other to help those with similar problem. It does not in any way portray me to be a medical doctor. You can always see your doctor for professional health advice.

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