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How to start a new day in a grand style

Seeing the light of a new day is never an easy one. Many went to bed the same night with you but didn’t join you to witness a fresh new day.

Understanding that seeing a new day is a great testimony, don’t you think that it’s worth celebrating in a grand style?

Morning is like a new chapter in one’s life. You will notice it each time you wake up in the morning, there is this atom of joy that takes over your mood.

Honestly, a new day is worth celebrating because it is evidence of hope. That is to say, when you are opportune to be in the land of the living, you have hope of attaining that which you wish to become.

Being alive to witness the light of another day simply entails that your mission on earth is not accomplished. This in other words means that you can only die when you have accomplished your mission on earth.

Explaining further, it is therefore very important we understood that we are all created for a purpose. It is only when you achieve this purpose of your creation that is only when you can be taken from the surface of the earth.

Like the priest who officiated at my grandmother’s funeral, said that there is nothing like an untimely death. 

According to him, every person is assigned a particular day and time to die. It might be at birth, early age of life or old age.

The man of God said that the only form of death that exists is ‘bad death and good death’.

A bad death is seen when someone dies without knowing Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. While a good death is perceived as the opposite of bad death.

This in conclusion, therefore, means that you must expect death at any point in life. And when it comes, it means that you have fulfilled your purpose in life.

Because achieving your purpose in life is very crucial to livelihood and afterlife, it is important you understood the benefits of achieving your purpose in life.

How to Start a New Day in a Grand Style

Back to our main topic, below are what you must do each time you see a new day.

1. Recognise God.

First and foremost, the first thing you must do each time you wake up is to recognise the presence of He who made it possible.

Atheists may believe it or not, the truth is and remains that God created mankind and made it possible for all to see a new day if it pleases Him.

It is therefore your duty as a living being to thank and appreciate His good works in your life.

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2. Wear a smiling face

A successful day is also backed up with great smiles. 

Wearing a smiling face in many cases attract many great blessings. Each time you wake up, always ensure that you are happy.

Have you noticed that whenever you frown, the person around you feels it and sometimes will be like WTF is wrong with this dude?

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Give a smile at someone and see the reaction of such person. Of course, he or she will reciprocate by smiling back at you.

No wonder people say “your countenances affects the next being”.

3. Discard the failures of the previous day

One of the things that weighs a man down is his inability to forget his past. 

Gluing to your past without any hope for the future leaves you in a state of hopelessness. Sometimes you wonder if you can ever become successful in this life or if not a bunch of failure.

Let me make something clear, yesterday must come for today to exist and for tomorrow to exist, today must be left alone. That is to say in a nutshell, you must free yourself from the shackles of your past mistakes and look forward to settling the issue before you.

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4. Treat today as today: 

Monday and Tuesday can never be the same thing. You must realise that on every new day you are required to change your tactics. The style which you applied yesterday to achieve a goal should be improved or changed. 

A friend of mine will always say, “it’s only a crazy person that does a particular thing the same way and expect a different result”. It, therefore,e,e,e,e, means that, for you achieve a different result, you must change your style of approach.

See today as a day with a new problem and do not bring the problem of yesterday to what is happening today. It is a way of doubling your problems.

5. Set a Goal

Another way to starting your new day in a grand style is by setting achievable goals for that day. You should plan yourself and also what you aim to achieve for that day. Following this strictly will enable you to become principled and focused in every aspect of your life.

6. Understand that People are different

Making your day great can never be achievable if you fail to understand that there is an existence of individual differences among people.

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Let me further explain. Knowing that not everyone will agree with everything you say, managing to cope with them will enable you to have a blissful day.

This will make you ignore some provocations that might arise from any angle.

What I am saying is, you equip yourself against having a bad day when you realise and accept the fact that everybody is not the same and all are entitled to their different ways of life.


Like I earlier said, seeing a new day is a gift from the Good God. It is important you enjoy this gift given to you and also do everything perfectly possible to ensure you end it in a grand style.

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