ENGAGEMENT: The short video you should be watching now

  Have you longed to watch videos/movies relating to relationships? ‘ENGAGEMENT’ is a go getter.

Though, it is a short video of 15 minutes, fortunately, all information is passed within this very short time frame.

Another interesting aspect of this movie is that, irrespective of the fact that it is a romance story, it is also a movie any person of any age can watch.

It is very educating and a great recommendation for adults and young adults especially those wishing to be in a relationship and those in a relationship.

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How the ‘ENGAGEMENT’ was Made

This short video was made possible through the assistance of;

  • God (Creator of Mankind). 
  • Ibekwe Mezie (Producer). 
  • Ebedo Franklyn (Production Manager). 
  • Ebuka Ndubuisi (Welfare).
  • Onyeukwu Blessing Gold (Story)
  • Nekenwa Saviosantos (Editor/Director)


  • Ibekwe Mezie (as Norbert). 
  • Njoku Ijeoma (as Mercy). 
  • Gloria Benjamin (as Olivia). 
  • Ebuka Ndubuisi (as Johnson). 
  • Oledika Chukwuemeka (as Kelvin).
  • Ebedo Franklyn (as Joe)

What to Expect from ‘ENGAGEMENT’.

This short romance movie features the life of two lovers.

The boy (Norbert) is very wealthy and lives in the capital city of Rivers state. He came back home months before his birthday.

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Not really happy with Norbert her boyfriend, Mercy who lives in Owerri met him to disclose this unhappiness that is eating her up.

She complained that ever since he returned from Rivers state, he has not brought her any gift item.

Norbert apologized for not living upto his responsibilities but promised to make it up to her on his birthday.

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What happened on the birthday is what you will find out by yourself via the video below.

Unfortunately, this video is not yet Available for Download


This video is a property of the Demezico TV Films. No part of this video should be republished without the permission of the owner.

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