Doctor duped $93,000 for Aladdin’s lamp

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Going through my twitter timeline, I saw a story of an Indian doctor who was duped $93,000 for Aladdin’s lamp.

Remembered the Aladdin’s lamp in the old Asian folk tale? The lamp is a mystic lamp which vomits a smoke which turns to a strange human being when rubbed.

Doctor duped $93,000 for Aladdin's lamp
The Aladdin’s lamp and it’s genie

 This being was known as ‘genie’ and has mysterious powers. He obeys the command of any person who seeks for his assistant. And the person has only 3 requests to ask from genie. – according to the story.

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The two men who allegedly duped the doctor into buying an “Aladdin’s lamp” for $93,000 — and even conjured up a fake genie — were arrested in India, an official said Sunday.

Laeek Khan approached police in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh after he realised the lamp did not have any magical powers, as described in the popular folk tale about Aladdin and his wish-granting genie that appears when it is rubbed.

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“The cheats had struck a deal for much more but the doctor had paid about seven million rupees ($93,000),” Amit Rai, a senior officer told reporters.

He said the men were arrested on Thursday and were remanded in custody ahead of charges being filed.

But seriously, people still believe in the realistic existence of such stuffs? I was really shocked that even in this 21st century people can still be deceived in stuffs like that.

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Well, thank God the perpetrators are arrested and will be taken to court in no distant time. 

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