How to Recover from a broken heart

Have you being heart broken either by your boyfriend or girlfriend or someone so close to you? Have you being made a promise and it is not fulfilled? In this post I will show you how you can recover.

When someone makes you a promise and it is not fulfilled, you will feel so emotionally troubled especially when that thing is very much important. The same is also applicable to someone who got cheated by his or her partner.

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As part of my desire to always upload self-development contents, I think it’s important I showed you how to recover from a broken heart.

Before we continue, let’s explain in brief what a broken heart is all about.

A Broken Heart: is a state of mind where an individual is badly hurt emotionally. This can be as a result of failure in the fulfillment of one’s promise, cheating, etc.

This state of mind can make someone (the victim) make a decision that could be dangerous.

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In other to avoid such situations, it is important you learnt how to overcome being heart broken.

And overcoming heart breaks you must;

  • Understand that no man is perfect so you must avoid trusting anyone. 
  • You can fall in love but don’t fall for love. Know what you want. 
  • Don’t attach too much hope on something or someone.

How to Recover from a Broken Heart

1. Get Yourself Busy

One of the promising ways of getting of your chest the load of heartbreak is by getting yourself busy.

Busy doing something completely different from what caused you heartbreak will help you recover fast.

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You must understand that the more you think about your past the more you sink in emotional trauma. Engage yourself with something 100% different from what broke your heart.

2. Forgive Yourself

Another way to heal faster is to forgive yourself.

At first you will be querying yourself for ever allowing such a person into your life.

Now that the deed has been done, what is next? Since you cannot change what has happened already, the only solution is to forgive yourself and move on.

3. Forgive the offender

Do you know that the more you have your heartbreaker in mind the more you get hurt? And by implication he/she graduates into becoming your worst enemy.

As long as this hate is clustered in your heart, you can never recover from your broken heart.

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To correct this, the person who got you into this emotional mess must be forgiven so that you can have your life back.

4. Have a choice

Already, you’ve known what broke your heart and how it happened. It’s high time you had a choice.

Not every kind of person that walks into your life is worth the opportunity of winning your heart.

You should know what you want and the kind of person that you want.

5. Stop Calling

Are you still calling the number of the person who  broke your heart? Are you doing it because you still love him/her? It’s high time you stopped.

The more you call and he/she is not picking the more you get drown in emotional pain.

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In fact, just detach yourself from him/her in everything or every way possible.

6. Live your life

Forget about the past and focus on making yourself great.

Your worries should be forgotten and your new life concentrated upon.

Just do the things you love doing and with time you will recover from your broken heart.

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