Lagosian shares her unending love for the Igbos

Sometimes I do wonder why there is so much hate against the Igbos in Nigeria. The North and West hate them so much for God knows reasons.

Could it be the spirit of industriousness that an Igbo man posses that makes these people wallow in envy and jealousy.

The End SARS protest was hijacked and they blamed the Igbos. The leaders will engage in ethnocentrism and the Igbos will be blamed for that.

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What has the Igbos really done to be hated so much by this people?

Enough of the generalisation. Among many, there are few people who are not Igbos but has so much love for the Igbos.

A good example is the story shared by a Lagosian lady who through her twitter handle shared the story of her love for the Igbos.

Read the story below

The Lagosian lady love for the Igbos

There are 6 shops for Igbo spare part dealers in my dad’s compound and whenever any of them want to offload their containers, he allowed them use the compound at no Extra Charge.

They brought in all manners of electronics, appliances, spare parts and even cars…

Most times, these guys would ask my dad to pick anything he wants for free. 

My dad would politely decline, telling them if he needed anything from there, he would rather buy.

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In my mind, I would be like; we need microwave, washing machine, deep freezer and AC and home theaters and all these other nice appliances that makes living comfortable.

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My Popman would refuse. He only collected the shop rent and that was all.

As a teenager, I was always angry at him for refusing the gifts. 

But during Christmas, come and see gift hampers and bags of rice, chicken and turkey, we hardly buy food for Christmas o. 

During the spare part dealers christmas party in 2003. I overhead my dad discussing the war with Chuka who was one of his shop tenants .

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He then went on to tell him that the reason he chose to support his people was to apologize in his own little way for what the govt did to them. 

I was helpless then but I’m not now.

The government may never apologize to you guys, but on behalf of my family and my children, I apologize for what they did to your people.

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He didn’t tell me this directly but I overheard him tell it to Chuka and since then, I started seeing the Igbos differently. 

They still have shops in our compound although the shop is being run by the 3rd generation of nwa boys.

So what exactly is my point with this thread??

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This is not famzing but I want to disassociate myself from any hate speech against the Igbos.

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No Tribe is perfect.

I am proudly Yorùbá but I am not interested in inheriting this hatred war against the Igbos. 

I just want to make money, do good, relax and be taken care of.

By the way, we are Lagosians and my dad’s compound is in Oyingbo.

If you know there you will know that that place is the home of all things Spare Parts.

What a great story. The hate against the Igbos should stop because without this tribe, this country can’t be recognised internationally as a great nation.

Do you have something to say? Let’s hear them via the comments section below.

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