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How to avoid unnecessary insults from people

Insults can degrade the status of somebody and it can also lure someone into doing things he will regret.

There are many people who can tolerate insults while a good population of people in the world can not accept it.

Insults can come from many angles, that is why one is expected to be conscious of what he or she say or do to avoid getting one.

If you can not stand the embarrassment, it is expected you stay clear from such things. That is to say, you must learn to stay away from anything that will bring insults to you.


How to Avoid Insults

  1. Keeping secrets. 
  2. Avoid Begging. 
  3. Limit the way you talk. 
  4. Be natural and smart. 
  5. Limit friends. 
  6. Contentment. 
  7. Self-respect.


Let’s explain the above listed ways to avoid unnecessary embarrassments

1. Keeping Secrets

Do you know that there are things you see as common and when you do it, others will use it against you? Your inability to keep secrets can expose you to being insulted.

This especially is when it come to matters relating to your family or personal life. 

I was a victim of this. I told a friend of mine how I was sick when I was little and nearly caused my family into bankruptcy.

No one except members of my family is aware of this little secret. 

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After telling this my friend about it, on a very good day, after a little argument, he began to shout in the compound how I nearly lead my family into bankruptcy. He did this only to degrade me in the compound.

That’s what I am talking about. If you really need to avoid any unnecessary embarrassment, it is greatly advised you keep your secrets to yourself.

2. Avoid Begging

To me, there is a difference between ‘request’ and ‘begging’. When you request for something, you are asking it with pride and lots of respect is accorded to you. But when you beg, especially for more than expected number of times, you will receive the greatest insult of your life.

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The last mistake you can make in life is allowing someone believe that without him you can’t survive.

When you ask for something from someone and he refuses, then stop asking and look for better alternative.

If he is the only person owning such which you are looking for, then your approaches should be far far away from begging him.

God is the only Being you can beg and not your fellow man.


3. Limit the way you talk

Like a friend of mine will always say “people are respected based on the 80% of words that come from their mouth”.

If you want to be respected and avoid any form of Insults or embarrassment then you must limit the ways you talk.

Don’t get involved in matters that don’t concern you. And whenever you are talking, think about it before talking.

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Ensure that your contributions in every discussion holds water. And also avoid contributing in everything.

4. Be natural and smart

In everything you do in life let people see the real you. Don’t do things because others are doing it.

This is a way of winning enough respect for yourself.

Imagine when you are from Biafra and you act like someone from Niger Rep. Does that make sense?

You must learn to be natural so that when people are relating with you, they will know what kind of things are okay with you. They will know their choice of words and their choice of actions in other not to get you irritated.

Also dressing smart wins lots of respect to an individual. Hardly can you see someone dressed on suit be embarrassed for any reason.

I am not saying that you must wear suits in other to avoid embarrassments. 

What I am saying is that, always look smart whenever you appear before people.

5. Limit friends

Do you know that the kind of friends you keep can also be one of the things that attract disrespect and insults to you?

Imagine where you don’t smoke and people tag you a smoker because they see you in the midst of smokers. You are not a cultist but people tag you a cultist.

You should select your friends and not the other way round.

People draw their conclusions majorly from what they see.

As a result, you must learn to avoid associating yourself with people who can tannish your image.

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6. Contentment

To avoid unnecessary insults you must learn to be satisfied with what you have.

What belongs to another person shouldn’t be your problem. You must learn to be okay with the little you have. Not gossiping or envying others simply because you don’t have what they have.

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7. Self-respect

Someone who has respect for himself can never be lined up in the league of those who has no dignity.

The way you treat yourself suggests to people the way you want to be treated.

This is to say in a nutshell, if you accord yourself a respect, people will respect you but when reverse is the case, then the obvious becomes inevitable.


Insults are unacceptable to a good number of the world’s population. Many people through their actions can attract disrespect and insults to themselves. In other to avoid this, it is important you put into practice the above points I’ve listed above.

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