West Londoner Devinkz buys his mother a car

Devinkz buys his mother a brand new car on her birthday

Devinkz is a musician and a tattooist who has a tattoo studio in West London. He is also a West Londoner.

He bought his mother a brand new car on her 59th birthday. 

According to him, he said the car will enable her curb the stress of trekking from one job to the other and also control cold nights.

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Bought a car for my mums 59th birthday.. no more cold nights walking from job to job 🙌🏽 you only get one mum cherish them ❤️ enjoy the car Mum I got you

He has also encouraged other people to recognise that they have just one mother and she should be cherished.

Responding to people’s hate on what he has done via posting on social media, Devinkz has debunked the assertion that he was showing off.

He said that one shouldn’t hate or throw shades over people who are looking after their mother.

The Londoner said he didn’t post for the likes he will receive but just to show to the mother that she was the best.

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How can you hate or throw shade on someone who’s looking after their mum. I didn’t post that for the likes I posted cuz she deserves to be shown off and looks good for 59 and to motivate others. Cherish your mother’s you only get 1

Me: this is great! Looking after your mother is something no body should take for granted. That woman has shown so much to bring out the best in you. It is your duty to pay her back in hundred when you finally become great in life.

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