Yul Edochie has this to say about marriage


Yul Edochie advised married people on what marriage should be all about
Yul Edochie

The Nollywood superstar and award winner, Yul Edochie has shown to the public what he feels and thinks marriage is and should be.

According to the last son of Pete Edochie, he said marriage is not a scam and you have to make it work for you.

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He also said that everyone who is married should try to make their marriage work. And if it doesn’t work, he advised you walk away and don’t kill yourself because of it.

In his social media handle, Edochie reminded his fans that he has being married for 16 years and knows everything that is involved.

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Still to say, the Nollywood actor opined that marriage shouldn’t be a do or die affair. It should include such things like, patience, maturity, prayers, selflessness etc.

Marriage is not a scam. I’ve been married for 16yrs. It’s a beautiful thing that requires patience, maturity, selflessness, prayers & more. At the same time, it’s not a do or die affair. Try your best to make yours work. If, it doesn’t walk away. Be live, be happy. Life goes on.

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