Uprightness: short story of a law graduate

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Uprightness: the short story of law graduate

“Uprightness” is a short story of a young man who graduated as a law student but had no job.

His father among others did everything possible to ensure he becomes like one of the others.

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The uprightness: short story

Everybody hated him because he chose to live the life of uprightness. His father called him names and made him feel he was born by mistake.

Life was so tough for Joel as he still can’t find any job even after graduating from the higher institution as a professional lawyer.

His father called him names. His father questioned his existence as a human being and denied being his father.

On many occasions, Joel’s father had compared him to his mates who didn’t go to school but are driving flashy cars and building different mansions.

Understanding the source of their illegal wealth, his father is head bent to ensuring his son starts making money at all cost.

Being a young man who believe in upholding his uprightness, he did not give heed to his father’s constant rants and threats.

On a good day, his father sent him packing. He denied ever knowing him and also concluded he was never his father.

Joel’s mother is dead, and his two younger brothers are controlling money made from stealing from people through the internet.

Living the house, his younger brothers didn’t raise an eyebrow. They maintained that their elder brother was a fool who didn’t want to join the moving train.

Joel left his family in great tears and heart break.

Months later:

The law graduate was found on the streets hawking sachet water and doing other form of manual labour only to survive.

His youngest brother saw him on the street where he was hawking his goods and pretended as if he didn’t see him. Good a thing, Joel saw him and went close to greet him.

Receiving the greatest shock of his life, his brother pushed him away and asked “who are you? Have we met before? Why do you want to stain my shirt with that filthy nonsense you are wearing?

Joel stood and moped like a man who’s soul departed from the body for a moment. On realising himself, tears dropped down his cheeks.

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“Celestine, it’s me you denied in the public” touching his chest “it is well”. He took up his bowl and left.

That never discouraged him for maintaining his uprightness. He ensured he taught people who cared to listen to the rightful ways of living.

Joel was seen hawking his sachet water as usual, and a lady in a Toyota Camry pulled over. She called him to sell water for her.

Admiring her attire, he only concentrated on looking at her well designed lawyer’s outfit.

I think what was going on in his mind that moment will be “if not for our bad government and their clueless policies, by now I would have being in my own car just like her.

A touch on his head jolted him back to reality. “What are you looking at and seemed so carried away?” she asked.

“Well am sorry, but I just fancied your outfit” he said.

Their conversation made Tina to realise that Joel was also a graduate from the same school of law she attended at Ibadan. Though, Joel had graduated years before their set.

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Uprightness Speaks

She promised to help him and of course, she did.

God helping, Joel became a judge in the Lagos state federal high court and also got married to his destiny helper, Tina.

A case of cyber theft was brought before his honourable court.

His two younger brothers were arrested and charged to court for internet fraud.

Seeing him as the judge, his younger brothers and their father were happy as the case will be won to their own favour.

Unfortunately, Joel has something new for them which came as a disappointment.

As a man of just and who has learnt to uphold uprightness and also his profession, he concluded that his two younger brothers suffer a 25 years term in prison with hard labour.

His father fainted but was later resuscitated. 

Joel introduced him to his wife and also told the wife that this was his ex father.


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