Hello there, it’s possible that many knows and also consume this leave without understanding it’s healthy benefits.

If you have being wanting to know the benefits of scent leave, I have you covered in this post.

I will discuss about the topic in a comedy story form. I hope you enjoyed reading it. 

Here we go!

My name is Nekenwa Saviosantos and am in basic 8. I want to complain about about something. I don’t know if it’s my fault or my teacher’s.

If maybe I finish complaining, I would want to hear your thoughts in the comments section of this post.

My teacher gave my classmates and I an assignment to go and write on the healthy benefits of scent leave.

After we did the assignment over the weekend, we were asked to submit them on Monday.

It’s Monday and we are to defend our assignments one after the other.

First of all she called on Dorathy Ambrose to appear before the entire class and defend hers.

Dorathy started;

Good day everyone my name is Dorathy Ambrose and I am here to teach you what scent leave is and the benefits of scent leave.

Scent leaf is a wonderful leaf in Africa that many have less or no knowledge of the amazing health benefits, do you know you can use scent leaf to cure many diseases and infertility problems? Why is she asking us? My friend talk fast fast let another person talk..I said to myself.

“Here are the health benefit of scent leave” she continued

1. It helps to cure cough. If you are having cough, pluck some of the leaves, wash it, squeeze it until the juice start dropping. Mix it with hot water and drink. Try it for at least 7 days and the cough will be gone.

2. It also help to solve Digestion problems. If you are having any form of stomach disorder all you have to do is to squeeze out the juice and drink it.

3. Scent Leave also help to prevent heart disease and can also come in handy for Chainsmokers

4. This great African leave also help to relieve pains like; menstrual pains, fever, malaria, respiratory problems etc. To achieve this, substitute your everyday morning tea with scent leave juice for at least 7 days, you will get better.

5. For those who are new to stroke, pound the leave very well, add little water squeeze and drink once every day and see flow of blood in dead parts.

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Please continue…..

6. Another interesting fact is that, this leave is an anti-mosquito. The scent act as an insecticide. That is to say, where ever the scent of scent leave is perceived, mosquitoes and insects run for their lives.

7. As powerful as the leave is, it also help with infertility problems. Scent leaf will not only improve your health but will also help you become a proud mom, it boost fertility in both male and female reproductive organs , it strength sperm vitality and work well to prevent infertility.

8. As a natural resource rich in antibiotics, All you need to do is to be a great parent by ensuring that your family consume this leave almost everyday.

Please Note:

I am not a doctor. Therefore, it is highly recommended you visit your doctor when you feel you are not well and scent leave can’t help your situation.

(Below at the end of this post is a picture of scent leave for a better clarification on what the leave is all about according to Dorathy Ambrose).

Once again, I remain my humble self, Dorathy Ambrose.

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Every one clapped for her and the my teacher never stopped nodding her big head in satisfaction until she shouted my name. Nekenwa Saviosantos!

Only the shout alone jotted a full stop to the clapping.

I hurriedly climbed the stage and started with my own presentation on the healthy benefits of scent leave.

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I started;

Goodday everyone, my name is Nekenwa Saviosantos and am hear to teach each and everyone of you who don’t know anything the benefits of scent leave.

The class started laughing and I could see the seriousness on my teacher’s face.

I continued “if you all will stop making noise l would want to start now”.

“My friend go straight to the point and stop waisting my time” my teacher shouted.

Of all the research I have made throughout my life more especially during the weekend, I have never heard or seen a place were Saint Leaf exist.

As a born Catholic and a devoted Christian, I have never read or seen where a leaf was made a saint.

That is to say, what Dorathy Ambrose taught us here today is a total nonsense.

For a better understanding, a Saint is he who does ordinary things in an extraordinary way. No wonder my Bible tells me that only the saints shall make heaven.

 While in the other hand, a leaf can be viewed as a part of a tree or flower that can decay or fall off when tired of the tree.

Good examples of Saints are; St. Paul, St. Christopher, St. Rita, St. John etc.

In conclusion, there is nothing like saint leaf.

Below is an attachment of what I mean by a saint and leaf.

“Nekenwa Saviosantos, you are a total disgrace to this class. In fact, others will go on break and you will remain in this class with me kneeling down” my teacher shouted.

What have I done wrong? She said we should go and find the benefits of Saint leaf and I told her that there is no saint that is a bearing the name leaf.

I served the punishment but trust me, I never let Dorathy Ambrose go unpunished. She would have taught me small before climbing the stage.

If you have something to say on this matter, you are free to via the comments section below.

Please note:

Healthy benefits of scent leave
The real picture of scent leave. (Dorathy’s discrimination)

That the points raised by the nonexisting Dorathy Ambrose are correct and worth to work with. Sorry if the name reminds you of a anyone. It’s just imaginary.

Healthy benefits of scent leave
(Picture of a Saint and a leaf according to Nekenwa Saviosantos).

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