#endsars: Rita Dominic makes her point clear

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endsars: Nigeria super movie actress Rita Dominic makes her point clear on the ongoing protest

The Nollywood actress and super model, Rita Dominic, has promoted her interest to unfollow any person that discredits the organisation of the endsars protest.

The veteran actress maintained that she has supported many demonstrations in the past but this one is one in a kind.

Rita also feels that this protest is the best organised and no one should jeopardize the organisation.

Recall that many Nigerians took to the streets to call for the end of unjustifiable killing of citizens by members of the SARS unit. In reaction, the IGP dissolved SARS and instituted SWAT.

Following up, the Nigerian youths are also protesting against SWAT as they believe that it’s just a change of name. They believe that as long as that unit still exist, citizens remains at risk.

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Rita Dominic also concluded in her tweeter post that for once, she can now feel that voices of real people are being heard.

In her own words, she wrote;

I will unfollow everyone that insists on discrediting the organization of these protests. I have been supporting different demonstrations and protests over the years. This is the best organized. For once, I feel that the voices of real people are being heard.

Of a truth, many are fighting for the end of the protest since it’s obvious they have something to gain while the SARS or SWAT is inexistence.

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In one way or the other, confusion has set it in among protesters on the protest’s leadership but the doggedness of the youths protesting supersedes.

Many people, including celebrities that has long being heard are pumping out from their holes to also protest.

Some religious leaders has followed the steps of some other religious leaders as it regards to this protest.

Feel free to share the situation of the nationwide end-sars protest in your area via the comments section below.

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