Why relationships fail at the beginning

Have you been wondering why many relationships don’t even last for more than a month? Are you in a new relationship and you are having this feeling that it’s won’t last? I’ve got you covered.

My name is Peter Andrews I will like to share the story of how my relationship failed at the beginning. In this post, I will also share with you what I did to keep the new one going for more than 5 months.

The story:

We met in a restaurant. She was sitting alone and looking disappointed. From her mood, and reactions, I noticed she was waiting for someone but for more than an hour the person was not showing up.

Imagine, I was at the restaurant before her. I was ready to leave not until she entered.

It was indeed love at first sight. I decided to stay back and wait for what will happen next. I waited for over an hour ordering for drinks that I was no longer interested in.

I didn’t make a move when she entered. I waited for a full hour before I could make a move. Isn’t that stupidity?

I stood up with the bottle of drink in my hand and went to her table.

At first, she didn’t give me audience but my continuous talking loosened her up. She now gave me the audience I’ve been asking myself for more than one hour if she will.

After a long conversation, I walked her home since it was not far from the restaurant, and luckily, I got her contact.

It wasn’t up to two days, I made my intention known to her and it was given a green light.

Obsessed with love, no day passed by without me calling her only to hear her voice.

Two weeks after our relationship, she called me and told me that she was tired of the relationship.

Honestly, for more than a month, I went into self-isolation. I kept on wondering what I did exactly that made her break up with me. 

Finally, I came up with these findings.

Why relationships fail at the beginning

1. Overdoing Things.

I noticed that I was over doing things like calling her on a regular basis only to hear her voice. That is to say, every moment of the day, I am always calling her.

2. Jealousy

As obvious as it sounds, my mood changes each time she is discussing with a different guy either on phone or in reality.

3. Lacked Trust

In many occasions, I always go through her phone to check if I will find something suspicious. Though I love her but I was still having a hunch that there is something fishy she is hiding from me.

4. Failed to listen

A healthy relationship is equally characterised by listening. From my findings, I noticed that our relationship failed because I was not listening. In many occasions she has told me things, both salient and unnecessary ones, I didn’t listen.

5. Physically absence but digitally present in full force.

Physically, I find it difficult to look at her face or should I say am always shy looking at her face. But on social media, or phone calls, I am ready to tell her the whole world. I can tell her anything via phone call or on social media but I can’t tell her anything when we meet in person.

6. Feeling of failed responsibility

In many occasions, I always feel that I have failed in my responsibilities as the man. Sometimes I wondered if she is not seeing any other man because I don’t have money to buy her clothes.

These were my findings to why my relationship failed at the initial stage. 

In my new relationship which has lasted for more than 5 months now, I will like to inform you that I applied the opposite of my above faults and boom, my relationship survived.

How to sustain a new relationship from the beginning

1. Don’t overdo things. Learn to call her at intervals maybe 2 or 3 times a week. Calling her on a regular basis will make her feel you are monitoring her every movement. Trust me, no woman will like to be with a man who don’t appreciate their privacy.

Imagine when you see new products and old products of course the feelings will not be the same. Also imagine seeing somebody you’ve not seen for a long time.

That is what I am talking about here. Don’t bug her with calls. I am not saying you shouldn’t call her but don’t spam her with calls. Lol.

2. Respect her. Your girlfriend or whoever as long as she is a girl should be respected. Accord her that respect. If she says she is not ready for anything, just give her that respect and stay of.

3. Learn to trust your woman. I know that all girls are different and created with different characters. But for you to sustain your relationship you must allow trust to exist.

4. Her privacy is important. Like I earlier said, no woman fancies a man who has no regard for her privacy. Don’t touch her phone without her permission. Leave the room when ever she is changing her clothes except she encourages your stay.

5. When you don’t listen to her ‘every complain’ then you are at the brink of loosing your relationship to some other guy.

One thing with women is that they will always complain about one thing or the other. Pay attention to them. By so doing, it shows you care. Maybe what she is saying is not relevant but still pay attention and filter later.

6. Have you been a jealous lover? My brother that thing can kill a relationship like mad. You must learn to understand that you are not the only person who is seeing the beauty God has deposited in your girlfriend. Instead of being jealous, you should be thankful to God for giving you such a beautiful lady. 

Okay imagine when no one talks to your girlfriend simply because they think she is ugly or suffering from one ailment or the other.

My brother, you don’t have to be jealous. As long as she is not cheating on you, then you’ve got a precious egg you must take care of.

7. The issue of ladies and money. Of a truth, no one hates money. Every body need money to survive but that shouldn’t be your problem. Not every woman is interested at the size at your wallet. Real women are interested at the love and care you show to them.

Any relationship where there is a strong understanding of personality among partners can never die.

What I’m saying is that, when you begin your relationship endeavour to be your real self. This will enable you and your partner make early decisions on whether to continue or not.

Everything shouldn’t be placed on the availability of money.

Thanks for coming around and I hope you enjoyed my story? Please feel free to share if it was helpful.

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Feel free to check them out.  Best regards.

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