Pregnant woman forced to swear an oath for stealing plantain
Pregnant woman
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It was heart breaking and unacceptable as a pregnant woman was forced to swear an oath over a crime she knows nothing about.

Juan Obinabo is a young trader from Ahoada in Ahoada West LGA Rivers state. Juan was 6 months pregnant when she was forced to swear the oath.

It started on an Ahoada market day. Juan sell plantains in the same line with those who sell the same product.

Around 12 pm, her neighbour claimed that her plantain was missing and accused Juan for stealing it.

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She claimed that Juan was the only person close to her and can’t blame any other person if not her. Juan tried as much as possible to defend herself but the woman maintained that she must swear an oath.

Knowing Ahoada as a developed area but still has a great regard for idles, her neighbour ran to a nearby native doctor who prepared a concussion (toxic substance) for her.

The pregnant Juan took the concussion and took the oath saying that if she was the one who stole her neighbour’s plantain, the idle should kill her but if reverse is the case, let the idle spare her life.

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She sipped the concussion and her neighbour closed selling for the day.

The next day was Alimini market. Alimini is a town not too far from Ahoada community.

At the market, the news of a woman who was running mad circulated.

Through her unguided utterances, she introduced herself as Pamela. She claimed that she stole the plantain of somebody and sold it. The owner wrongly accused a pregnant woman who had no idea of how her plantain was stolen.

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An eyewitness in the market confirmed that two women argued in Ahoada market and the pregnant woman was made to swear an oath.

“Unfortunately, the pregnant woman had a miscarriage as a result of the toxic substance she took. Her neighbour is now nowhere to be found and the woman who stole the plantain hovers the street mad”.

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