What a pharmacist gave to endsars protesters


Pharmacist gives his own quota to the end SARS protesters
Dr Joe Abah

A well meaning Nigerian pharmacist has supported the endsars protest that is going on in the country.

According to Dr Joe Abah, he said he gave someone 500 naira to buy facemask from a nearby pharmacy, on returning, the young man gave back the money to Dr Joe.

He said that the pharmacist refused to collect the money from him. He said the pharmacist told him that that was his own quota to supporting the endsars protest.

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According to Dr Joe Abah the narrator, he said;

Going somewhere with a young man now. He didn’t have a face mask. I gave him N500 to buy one from a nearby pharmacy. He came back with a mask and my money. The pharmacist said he knew he would still go for #EndSARS protest and the free mask is his own contribution. In Nigeria!😳

Honestly, this is one of best in the history of Nigeria. After 60 years of the country’s existence, citizens have never been this united.

It shouldn’t surprise you to hear that missing phones are returned to the owners when they lose it on the protest ground.

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The pharmacist among others is one of the well meaning Nigerians that mean well for the country.

This country’s system is really killing great potentials and must be brought to a final full stop.

The protest in this country will bring a great change. Let’s continue.

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Just like that pharmacist who gave out one of his facemasks for free, there are people who are like him. A lot of people mean well for this country but the evil old minds we have in government can never allow them breath in fresh air.

Wear the character of this young man. If you can’t support the end of bad government in Nigeria by protesting physically, then you have a job to do online.

This is a task we must take upon ourselves. No body will do this for us if not us.

#Endsars. #endbadgovernmentinnigeria

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