What Nigerians are saying about SWAT


Special Weapons and Tactics team, SWAT was setup following the scraping of SARS unit from the Nigeria Police Force by the IG, Mohammed Adamu.

What Nigerians are now saying about SWAT

The Nigerian youths had in the past few days protested against the existence of Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) in the country. In a swift action, the Inspector General of Police (IGP), dissolved the unit and promised to set up a new unit that will better carry out the functions of SARS.

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On Tuesday, the IGP announced to the public that SWAT has being introduced to combat the crimes of armed robbery in the country. And only people with at least HND certificates can be recruited in the unit.

What Nigerians are saying about SWAT

Following the recent police press release, the Nigerian youths has returned to their various social media handles to criticize such plans. And hoping to back into the streets to protest this decision.

According to many, they said that the SWAT is just a way of wearing the wolf a new cloth. They claimed that the wolf’s cloth is only changed and the characteristics remain active and untouchable.

That is to say, the new name can never end the brutality people are facing everyday by the members of the old SARS.

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Some Nigerians has gone to the extent of changing the real meaning of the acronym to something else.

“The changing of SARS to SWAT is and can never be accepted” said the protesters.

A young lady claims that the reason why she is protesting is because SARS killed her boyfriend who was supposed to pay her bride price. Now SWAT has come, it means one should be ready to sacrifice his entire family.

To some, there privacy no longer counted because this people who claimed to be from the country police has no respect for their privacies.

According to some of the protesters, they claimed that the SARS can enter your home without any notice and begin to molest people living in the house. “Now a new name is given to them it means that the whole neighborhood is in trouble” the female protester said.

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