Hasty decisions in marriage (short story)

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A short story of Making hasty Decisions in marriage

The short story that you are about reading is a story that bothers on a lady (Mrs Jane) who has being suspecting her husband of having extramarital affairs behind her back.

Her decision after what she saw nearly caused her her marriage.

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Hasty Decisions in marriage (short story)

She has being suspecting her husband of cheating. As a result she turned into a nightmare to her husband.

Mr Ken cannot comprehend the sudden change in his wife’s attitude. No matter what happens he has still maintained that his wife is and will remain his best friend.

For Mrs Jane, her desire to quit her marriage was so high that she sought for every possible evidence to quit.

On a very good day, Mrs Jane entered the bedroom and saw a red piece of cloth with tiny hands briefly seen in her husband’s trouser pocket.

She concluded that her husband was cheating on her and even went to the extent of bringing his secret lover’s pant back home.

Mr Ken was suprise to see his wife packing her things, calling him a cheat and declaring that the marriage was over.

 He tried to call her to order but she quickly packed her things and left for her father’s house.

Because she was not in the right frame of mind, he decided to visit her at her father’s house the next day.

On getting there, his mother-in-law was already furious at him for cheating on her daughter.

“Shameless man. After pretending to be a saint, you still have secret affairs. Shame on you!” she blasted.

Her husband quickly called her to order and requested his son-in-law to come inside and have a sit. 

After the a warm welcome by the man of the house, Jane’s father explained “my daughter came back home crying that she caught you red handed cheating on her. What do you have to say with respect to this?” Jane’s father asked.

“Daddy, with due respect, I am lost in this whole thing. Can someone please give me a better explanation to what is happening here?” Ken requested.

Furiously, Jane who was coming down from the first floor of the building started saying from the staircase “you are very wicked. After all we being true? People told me but I didn’t believe them. I loved you from the debt of my heart but you scrubbed it on the mud”.

“Honey, you are hurting me. What is this all about?” he said still looking confused.

“O don’t give me that look. This was the same trouser you wore yesterday. Who has the red pant in the pocket? She asked with all conviction.

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Mr Ken reached for his pocket and brought out the red beautifully designed facemask he bought yesterday.

His wife mistook his facemask for a woman’s pant.

Mrs Jane was really sorry for her actions and asked for her husband’s forgiveness.

Because of the love that the man truly has for his wife, he forgave her and still promised to uphold the promise he made to her at the alter on their wedding day.

His mother-in-law was deeply sorry for her misguided utterances and actions and hoped her son-in-law forgave her.

Morals Behind the Short Story

  • Understand the person you are married to. 
  • Allow love to take the lead when making decisions in difficult situations. 
  • Verify information before taking actions. And lots more.

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