Why James Nwafor former OC SARS was sacked


Why James Nwafor, the former OC SARS in Anambra state was sacked
James Nwafor, the former OC SARS in Anambra state

The Anambra state governor Willie Obiano has announced that James Nwafor the former OC SARS in Anambra state has being sacked.

This came up on Thursday as the endsars protest continued.

It was said that the former OC SARS was involved in many incessant killings in Anambra state. And of course, he masterminded the death of this young man among many other youths who’s bodies were found in the Ezu river.

Why James Nwafor the former OC SARS in Anambra state was sacked
Young man allegedly killed by James Nwafor

According to reports, the killer threw the boys body into the Ezu River in the state and made his father swim in the river if he wants to find his son’s body.

Reports also has it that Mr James kills at a spree and tell the victims’ families to go to any length and nothing will happen.

Obiano who met the protesters at Anambra state promised to relieve James Nwafor of his duties and make him available for prosecution.

According to the governor, he appreciated what the youths of Anambra are doing as regards to the protest.

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He also promised to personally go to all SARS offices in Anambra state to ensure that all arrested are released with an immediate effect.

Adding up, Obiano promised that the former OC SARS in Anambra state, James Nwafor, is sacked and prosecuted.

In the governor’s own words, he said;

I felt honoured being in their midst to share in their feelings; and I made it clear that: First, Federal Government has disbanded SARS but I will personally visit all SARS offices in Anambra State to ensure that anyone being held is released, immediately. Second, James Nwafor, former OC SARS in Anambra State is sacked and will be prosecuted; Third, I’ll ensure that the Presidency does the needful to ensure a better life for our youths, for us, ndi Anambra and for our nation. Long Live Anambra Youths! Aluta continua!

The people of Anambra has hailed the governor for this declaration and also demanded a public prosecution be made on Mr James Nwafor.

What is the nature of the end SARS protest in your area? Let’s here them in the comments section below.

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