IG of police dissolves SARS from operating in Nigeria

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Inspector General of Police completely Ban SARS from Operating in Nigeria

The protest that lasted for more than 4 days by Nigerian youths has pushed the IGP into taking a quick action. He has dissolved the existence of SARS in all the 36 states of Nigeria.

The Inspector General of Police Mohammed Adamu has on Sunday the 11th day of October, 2020 instructed the dissolution of the SARS unit.

The Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) is a unit in the Nigerian Police Force that is created to tackle the issue of armed robbery in the country.

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Unfortunately, the said group diverted from their real purpose of creation to the killing of innocent youths whom they ‘suspect’ to be cyber fraudsters (Yahoo boys).

Few days ago, the angry Nigerian youths among well celebrated celebrities in Nigeria took to the street to protest against the incessant killings of youths by members of the SARS unit.

The youths also picked on the police PRO Mr Frank Mba who posited that the protest is only spearheaded by ‘criminal enterprises’.

Responding to the doggedness of the Nigerian citizens, the IGP instructed the dissolution of the SARS unit with immediate effect.

He has also promised that the force will come up with other means of fighting armed robbery in the country. And this will be related to the public when such is achieved.

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The IGP also said that those in the unit will be redeployed  to different commands in the state since it won’t be advisable to relieve them of their jobs just like that.

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In the same vein, he added that an investigative team which will also comprise of Civil Society Organisations will be created to tackle crimes against citizens and culprits will be punished accordingly.

See the image below for more.

Gives things gathered from the dissolution of SARS in Nigeria

As a Nigerian, do you support the total scraping of the FSARS from operating in the country? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments section.

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