6years old Helen taught Saviosantos how to cook vegetable soup


Helen taught Saviosantos how to prepare vegetable soup (edikaikong)

Never interested in putting too much interest in understanding my everyday choice of sentence ‘no matter your age, you are still a kid to education‘ I came to understand those words today.

The little Helen who is 6 years old taught me how to cook vegetable soup. Something that at my 27 years I find it difficult.

I have being trying to learn how to prepare vegetable soup which is one of the well cherished type of soup in the Efik ethnic group.

Edikaikong as the Akwa Iboms call it, is an African delicacy which when properly prepared can make the consumer forget about his urgent appointment.

That is to say, the soup can be very sweet to the extent you wouldn’t know when you over ate.

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No wonder the soup can’t last for more than two days (depending on the quantity).

Back to my story.

Helen is 6 years old and the daughter of my neighbour who sell food stuffs close to my own shop.

Because of our relationship, the little girl always come to my shop to play with her toys.

Today was another special day in my life I must say. Maybe at the end of this story you will understand why I said so.

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“Uncle Santos, do you know I can cook better than my mummy” Helen initiated a discussion which left me surprised.

“Really! Who told you that? And moreover you are still very young to think you are better in the kitchen” I protested.

The little girl laughed and continued “my dad told me that am the best cook when we were eating yesterday. And he also said I should always prepare his food on Sundays”

Seeing the seriousness I picked up interest. “Ok tell me, what kind of food can you cook”

She quickly jumped up from the floor and started counting with her tiny fingers. She mentioned many types of food even the one I have not heard of. The one that got my attention was when she mentioned vegetable soup.

“Do you know how to prepare vegetable soup?” I asked.

“Was I having water in my mouth when I said it? She said.

“Can you teach me” I asked.

“No knowledge is free but because you are my uncle I will teach you if only you will agree to buy me biscuit at the end of our lesson” she said with boldness.

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Am not surprised at her boldness. She is really one in a kind. So without waisting any time, I promised to buy her biscuit after the lesson.

“Go and get a paper and pen” she instructed.

I obeyed without any questioning.

How to Cook Vegetable Soup


Water-leaves. Pumpkin leaves. Okasi leaves. Meat or fish. Red oil. Salt. Pepper. Seasoning. Cray fish. Water (Not necessary)

#1 step: Properly wash and slice the water-leaf, pumpkin leaf and okasi leaf

#2 step: Wash the water-leaf (after cutting) over and over again to get rid of slippery and foamy-like-juice or liquid.

#3 step: Properly cook the water-leaf (only) until colour become more greyish (don’t add water. Only add water when you feel the water gotten from the leaf has dried completely).

#4 step: Add red oil (and allow to boil)

#5 step: Add crayfish, pepper, meat and or fish, and salt.

#6 step: Add the sliced pumpkin leaf and okasi leaves and stair.

Allow the food to boil for some time. Put your pot down and dish it. It’s now ready for consumption.

6years old Helen taught Saviosantos how to cook vegetable soup

“Remember only add little water when you feel that the soup is drying on fire” Helen warned.

“I will definitely” I concord.

“I have done my own part of the deal, it is now your turn to fulfill your own part of the promise” she requested.

I nearly forgot we made a promise. I hurried entered inside and got her one of the best Yale biscuits in my shop.

She thanked me and went back to her toys.

I didn’t complain because from what I have heard from people on how vegetable soups are prepared, were all in line with the girls teaching.

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“Since you said you cook better than your mother then who taught you how to cook then” I asked.

“Well my mother taught me how to cook all the kind of food that I know but my daddy said her cooking is old fashioned. So I should be cooking his dinner every Sunday while mummy continue with other days of the week” she responded.

Gosh! This is the happiest day of my life. Though I was having a 50-50 thought on whether the cooking will work or not. But I still decided to give it a shot.

Later that evening, I dismissed from shop and went straight to the market and bought every ingredient she mentioned and followed her instructions.

Behold I prepared a stunning vegetable soup for the very first time in the history of my life.

I came back the next day and told her that I was able to prepare the soup.


Honestly, you shouldn’t look down on anyone irrespective of the age, class, sex etc. when learn a new knowledge.

Am 27 and Helen is 6. She was able to teach me something I couldn’t do for more than 20 years even when I claimed to be the best cook in my family.

So go through Helen’s tutorial on how to prepare vegetable soup and prepare yours today.

Maybe you have heard of this type of Calabar soup. Give it a trial.

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