Frank Mba rubbishes end SARS effort

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One of the leaders in the Nigerian police force Mr Frank Mba has rubbished the protest that is calling for the end of SARS in Nigeria.

Frank Mba rubbishes the end SARS protests
Frank Mba
Courtesy: Channels TV

Recall that few days ago, a good number of Nigerian citizens went into the streets to protest against the killings of innocent youths by members of the Special  Anti Robbery Squad (SARS).

This protest forced the federal government into taking swift action of banning the police unit from operating on the road and conducting a stop and search action.

According to Mr Frank Mba, those agitating for the scraping of SARS are just waisting their time because the government has invested more on the unit.

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Mba also opined that those clamouring for the end SARS by the federal government are mostly representatives of different criminal enterprises.

Mr Frank Mba called those organizing protests clout chasers on national TV.

From the view of things, one will conclude that members of the Nigerian Police Force are solidly aware of the crime being carried out by SARS.

Over the years,  members of the SARS has taking a different step which is far from the reason of their creation.

The squad was created as a part of the Nigerian Police to enable fight the issue of robbery in the society.

After sometime, they moved their focus away from their main purpose of creation and going after innocent citizens.

Many youths has given a report about their ugly encounter with the members of the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS).

They claimed that SARS will stop them on the way and other them to unlock their phones. If maybe you resist in anyway, that could be a possibility of losing your life.

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It is obvious that truly the lives and properties of those they claim to protect do not in any way matter. I believe that what is more important to them is the alert they get from the federal government on monthly basis.

What do you have to say about the statement of Frank Mba on channels TV regarding the SARS protest.

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