Video: officer joins in the looting of covid-19 palliatives

Civil defence officer spotted with looted covid-19 palliatives
Civil defence officer spotted with looted covid-19 palliatives

As we all know, hunger is a respecter of no man. A civil defence officer was spotted carrying his own covid-19 palliatives.

See the video below.

The leaders of the country has claimed this to be stealing and people involved should be brought to book.

The way things are done in this country is very very wrong. How can you hide the food made for the poor masses? 

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This food items (noodles, rice, etc) were provided to help the people especially the poor masses have something to eat especially as they are forced to stay indoors because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Very bad that the rich who are supposed to give to the poor are instead collecting the ones that belong to the poor and adding it to theirs.

Poverty has really eaten deep into the bone marrow of the citizens. The government is clueless on how to eradicate the high level of poverty in the country but rather add to it.

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While I was going through my twitter timeline, I came across a video. It was a video of Buba Galadima being interviewed of AIT.

He said that he knows of a state in Nigeria that wish to sell their own palliatives.

According to him, the state officials came to him with the request of selling their palliatives. They also made it clear that they won’t want to sell the food items to anyone from their own state. 

Watch the interview on twitter HERE.

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What a hight of wickedness. A food that was distributed to enable people be able to manage the lockdown, you are planning on selling it. That is a pure wicked of a man to his fellow man.

To me, there is nothing wrong of vandalising the warehouses and carting away all the food items. After all, it’s was made for them.

That the civil defence officer was able to carry his own share of the palliatives is a pure understanding that poverty has really eaten deep and they are equally suffering the same thing the poor masses are suffering.

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