Christiano Ronaldo test positive for coronavirus

Cristiano Ronaldo, one of soccer’s biggest stars and among the world’s most known athletes, has tested positive for the coronavirus. The Portugal’s soccer federation announced this on Tuesday.

Christiano Ronaldo tests positive to coronavirus

Ronaldo, 35, in Lisbon was removed from Portugal’s training camp and will miss his country’s Nations Cup game on Wednesday against Sweden. The team said Ronaldo was not displaying symptoms and was in isolation.

“Following the positive case, the remaining players underwent new tests Tuesday morning,” the federation said in a statement. “All tested negative.”

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Ronaldo played in Portugal’s scoreless draw against France on Sunday, and posted a photo of himself dining on his social media accounts on Monday.

Ronaldo is not the first soccer star to test positive this fall as Europe’s top leagues start new seasons and players journey home for national team duty. The Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba was found to be positive when he turned up for a training camp with France’s national team in August. And weeks before, the Brazilian star Neymar and two of his teammates from the French club Paris St.-Germain tested positive after a postseason vacation in Spain.

While many of Europe’s top leagues were able to resume their seasons after pausing play for several months this spring, the coronavirus remains a significant threat because — and unlike in the restricted environments set up for this summer’s Champions League knockout rounds or the recently completed N.B.A. season — players are free to circulate in their communities.

Clubs in Europe are now afraid as they have released their players to play for their nations. Feeling that they have only released them to the threat of contracting covid-19.

All are wishing the football star a safe recovery from the deadly virus.

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