That you are poor shouldn’t be a reason why you should see yourself as inferior. 

Not having that money now does not mean that you will not have it in later life.

It’s unfortunate the way things are turning out in our today’s society, even parents are the sole actors. Instead of parents to support their children to becoming what they wish to be in life, they end up being the people pushing them into committing crimes.

That you are poor today is a story you will tell tomorrow when the hand of the clock changes.

The truth is, you are never created to die a poor man. Everybody is created for a purpose and trust me that purpose is designed for your success.

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Understanding Your Purpose on Earth

Like I said earlier, you are brought into this world for a purpose and that purpose you must achieve before you die.

A Catholic priest said that untimely death is not bad but dying an unholy death is destructive.

Any man who dies without knowing Christ has died an unholy death but when reverse becomes the case, then you are said to have died a holy death.

Your purpose in life is something you must achieve. Do not do things simply because other persons are doing it. Do things because they please your Maker.

As a person, it is your responsibility to settle down to understand the reason why you are created in this world.

Sometimes, one do wonder why he is born to a particular family. To answer this question, I can only tell you that you are a member of your family for a reason. And that reason is to elevate them from a particular troubling situation.

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There used to be a time in my family when things were very tough sometimes I wondered if God has forgotten about our existence. Reading a lot of  successful stories from different people, I came to realise that God has a designated time for everything.

Before this time, I wondered if I was born to be poor or never to achieve anything in life, but I realised my purpose in life and that was how my life turned around.

Trust me when I said, your success in life is tied to achieving your purpose in life. That is to say, you can only become a successful person when you achieve your purpose in life.


Knowing why you are created is very simple but can be tricky. Many persons has tried to follow it but they fall out on the process.

To achieve this, you must ensure you do or practice the following

#1 knowing God. 

It is undoubtedly true that God is the author and the finisher of our fate. He created us and blessed us with different gifts.

These gifts we are endowed with are made possible to enable us achieve our purpose in life.

Therefore, ensure that these gifts are not retrieved and given to another.

Yes, this is true. Remember the story of the servant and his master. His master gave him 2 dollars and he buried it and waited for his master to return. On the arrival of his master, the servant returned the money and used all manner of ill words on the master.

 the 2 Dollars was retrieved from him and given to the person with 5 Dollars.

That’s how life is. If you are unable to use your gift purposefully, it shall be taken away from you  and given to someone else.

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#2 Knowing what you wanted.

Knowing what you want will enable you get focused in life. What your father wants for you may not be what you want. Try to understand what you want and go for it.

Gone are those days when parents will choose careers for their children and at the end of the day, they become nuisance to the society doing a different thing very far from their purpose of creation.

You must realise where you fall in and go for it.

#3 Learn from past mistakes

Making mistakes is not bad but not taking correction from your previous mistakes becomes a deadly threat.

Someone who is purposeful will always want to know the reason why he failed in the first attempt. He identifies the problem and profer solution for it.

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These mistakes might not really come from your side. But your ability to know why a person failed in a particular field will enable you know how to plant your seed in that type of field.

#4 Humility

Your humbleness and respect for higher authorities paves way to enabling you achieve your purpose on earth.

A humble person has a house in the heart of every living being while reverse is the case with it’s opposite.

In everything you do in life, humility is very important.

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