Bad parenting attitudes that can affect children and society

Bad parenting: sir Daniel and his family story

Being a parent has never and will never be a simple task. It is not easy to take care of yourself and also take care of other human beings.

Compare what it feels like when you are hungry, greatly in need of something and so on. All these are things you will tackle when you become a parent.

The way you are able to manage the affairs of your home qualifies you of practicing the virtue of good or bad parenting.

In this story/post, I want to share with you what happened in the family of one of my secondary school teachers, Sir Daniel.

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I will be so glad if by the end of this story/post you are able to learn something new and also share with us how the story has affected your life.

This story is centered more on bad parenting. And after the story, I will highlight some the following subtopics:

  • Causes. 
  • Effects.

Sir Daniel and family (the story)

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Sir Daniel was my mathematics teacher at my Basic 8 class. He discourages malpractice during our morning assemblies to the core and also encourages students who are hardworking.

Because of his simple nature, and disciplined attitudes, he was so much loved by all but feared by most stubborn students. You dare not make a noise in his class and also don’t try to dress indecently in his presence.

Sir Daniel was 31 years old when I was in basic 8 and he has a son who has graduated from the same secondary school.

We were in school one Wednesday morning and a sad news circulated the environment that Sir Daniel has committed suicide after his wife was used for money ritual.

Honestly, the whole school was never at rest at the sound of the news.

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The management sent about three teachers to go and confirm the news.

4 hours later, the three teachers returned confirming the sad news to be true.

So sir Daniel has died just like that! The only man whose presence is really felt when ever he is in school.

What will become of his only son who just graduated from secondary school? Well I think that could be the source of the problem.

After that very day, the school director took control of morning assembly on Thursday morning. It was time for him to share with the students what has led to the death of their mathematics teacher.

The Cause of Sir Daniel’s Death

The Director after greeting everyone started his moral teaching by introducing his topic which was ‘Bad Parenting’

He started “Sir Daniel is one of the best teachers we have in this school. It’s unfortunate that we have lost him to the cold hands of death”.

“It is also very bad to preach what you can’t practice. Sir Daniel preached against indiscipline and immorality but unfortunately, he can’t remove the speck in his eyes before removing another’s.

“From the genuine information we gathered, the son of Sir Daniel who recently graduated from this school was caught with a human head”. At the hearing of this, the whole school became noisy as students couldn’t believe their ears. At a time, the shouting stopped to enable the director finish his story.

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He continued “from the police interrogation, it was gathered that the son of Sir Daniel used his mother for ritual” again, the school became noisy at the hearing of this.

“The boy told the police that his father has on many occasions compared him to his age mates who are making money. He said that his father will not let him rest. He will always complain of him eating of everything in the house without contributing anything”.

“A friend of his introduced him to a native doctor who will help him make money quick”.

“The native doctor requested for his mother’s head and it was on his way to deliver the human head that he was apprehended by the police”.

“At the hearing of the boy’s confession, sir Daniel committed suicide. That was how sir Daniel died” the director concluded.

Until the day was over, nobody stopped talking about sir Daniel and his family.

Sir Daniel has being so religious on the outside but a devil in human clothing on the inside.

He preached against negative values but appreciated it in his own home. Now, the evil that men do lives with them.

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One can see that truly there are lots of things that can pose one to be exhibiting bad parenting attitudes.

Sir Daniel would have being alive today if he had allowed his son to live that Life that he was designed for.

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Lack of financial availability:

When the money is not there, many parents who thinks that their children are upto age will be forcing them into making money like others forgetting that all fingers are not equal. 

Lack of good family upbringing:

A boy who lacks proper family upbringing can never make a good husband. The same is also applicable to the girl. Any girl without good family upbringing can never be a good wife.

Social Class:

Many parents as a result of their financial disposition do not allow their children to mingle with children whose family’s class are below theirs. 

When this happens, their children begin to feel that they are more superior to other kids.

Lack of care

Any family that do not care about the wellbeing of their children should just bare in mind that they exhibiting a pure bad parenting attitudes.


  1. Children tend to become bad influence to the society. 
  2. Children engage in activities that can be disastrous to them and the family. 
  3. It pushes members of the family to live a fake and unacceptable lifestyle. 
  4. It makes children feel superior in the midst of other children.


Bad Parenting honestly has a great negative effect on the life of everyone affected. 

Every parent should come up with better ways to raise a good and God fearing family.

Am glad you hanged on until now. Lets hear what you have to say about this story/post. And if this content was helpful, kindly share to help others.

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