YouTube best practices for serious minded YouTubers

 As a professional YouTuber or an upcoming dude in the system, it is important I told you that without hardwork, your aim to become a YouTube star is just a fallacy.

Just like the old saying goes; No Pain, No Crown.

No person can become successful without putting in his or her best.

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Best Practices to Becoming a Successful YouTuber

1. Consistency:

Thinking that uploading just one video on YouTube will shoot you to stardom is like fetching water with a basket. Lol.

Sometimes, when you upload videos online and you seem not to get views, you become discouraged. Well the truth is that, that has always being the case. But trust me, when you start making it big, you won’t think of the days you were struggling….

If you have decided to upload videos 2 or 3 times in a week, ensure that before every week runs out you have videos ready for the next week.

Honestly, for you to become that star that you wish to become through the videos you upload on YouTube, CONSISTENCY is the keyword.

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2. Improve in your Acts:

There are lots of videos which are competing with the one you’ve just created. 

What makes your content unique and different is the way and manner at which you presented them.

If you are a comedian and YouTube is your platform of reaching out to your fans, then you must maintain that act which is so unique about you.

People love others who bring something new and engaging into the system. You wouldn’t want to ruin your video career by wearing the face of other people only to entertain your fans.

The bottom line of this point is ‘Be Yourself’.

3. Work on your Video Titles and Descriptions:

Another best practice every YouTuber must bear in mind is that, people only click on videos if the title of their content is inviting. That is to say, to push people into watching your videos, you have to optimise your titles and descriptions. Use phrases that is tempting.

You wouldn’t want to create a great video and end up giving it a title and or description that no one would have interest to click on.

Bottom line: Create a click bait titles and descriptions for your videos.

4. Thumbnail:

YouTube thumbnails are one of the most important especially when it comes to expecting views for your videos.

When you upload a new video, YouTube will try to come up with three thumbnails which they think is perfect for your video. This images by YouTube might not really give your video the best that is required.

What is expected of you is to create video thumbnails that will be welcoming by the visual taste of the viewer.

People are moved by what they see. Put in enough effort to make ‘click bait‘ thumbnails.

5. Playlists

Playlists are like when you are trying to categories your contents or properties. Think about the library. Books are arranged according to their field of study or departments.

If you create contents on different niches, the best practice here is to create playlists or categories for them.

Placing your YouTube videos in their right playlists helps to keep your channel in an organised state.

It will even shock you to know that YouTube analytics also provide information on the way your playlist performed during the time you appropriated.

6. Tags:

As part of YouTube best practices, underestimate not the powers of tags.

Some people don’t see the relevance of YouTube tags. When they are uploading their videos, they ignore the tag section and move to publishing their videos.

Well discussing the relevance of YouTube tags will need a different blog post all together.

But the bottom line is, do not ignore the tags section if you really want to get views from the contents that are related to your own video.

7. Reply to Comments

It is important when it comes to replying to what your viewers say about your videos. If they complain about a particular thing, look into that problem and ensure you solve it in your next video.

Expect both encouraging and discouraging comments but that should not weigh you down. Just ensure you work on your flaws in your next video.

If your YouTube channel is your online business (that is where you make or expect to start making money), seeing yourself as a business man is more important.

Simply apologize and promise to make amends in your next upload. This alone will give your viewers sense of belonging and with the expectation that your promise will be fulfilled in the next video.

Final Note

To be successful as a YouTuber especially if you are an up comer, it is important you put into practice all that I have mentioned above. 

I am not the best in the industry, but given out the best of my knowledge to help one another is my priority.

If you have more ideas on how we can improve our YouTube channels together, you are welcome to share your ideas via the comments section below.

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