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With a heart filled with grief I almost lost interest in the poultry job I started few months ago.

As everyone knows the level of damage this coronavirus has done to our land, I decided to start up a mini poultry farm.

It was my intention to start this small and hope it grows to a giant poultry farm.

This job was what I used to empower myself. The society is in total mess and there is a no available job anywhere.

I invested the little cash I made while in school in the farm. The business started in the month of June.

It was going pretty well as I have developed great love for the birds.

Even though I am rearing them for egg and meat production, they remained the best friends I ever had.

The unfortunate story hit my small poultry farm as I lost nine (9) Noiler birds within a space of 3 days.

They were just few weeks if not days away from harvest, but unfortunately, I lost them to the cold hands of newcastle disease.

How it Happened

The sickness started from the local/native mother hen which has already layed seven unhatched eggs.

She died after two days of showing signs of sickness.

The evil sickness got transferred to my other Noiler birds which has led to a total wipeout in the poultry.

Since then till the time of writing this post, I have never stopped having emotional traumas.

You can imagine the level of relationship, I even gave each and everyone of them human names – Samuel, Nkechi, Joe etc.

When birds were still alive

As if that was not enough, we still did comedy videos together. See below:

Honestly, the death that has knocked my mini poultry farm has left me at the brink of quitting. Now I am asking myself “should I quit this job or not?”

Irrespective of the fact that I’ve lost a lot of birds and has developed an illness as a result, I still wish to continue.

I know that the money to start afresh is not readily available as a result of my unpreparedness for the impending danger. But with strong hope, I will bounce back.

My simple Advice to the People in my shoe:

I know that it is too difficult to see your money waste especially when you are on the virge of enjoying the fruit of your labour. Never give up!

That is not the end of the world. That is what every business man or woman must prepare for. Is either you gain or you lose.

I will never back out! I hope you don’t too.

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Why I almost quitted this job of mine