VIDEO: 14 year old produces a portable ATM

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 It will come as a surprise to you that a 14 years Igbo boy has produced a machine that performs the same function as ATM.

In the video, you will notice that the boy first of all inserted money inside the machine. After that, he slotted his ATM card and pressed what everyone will agree was his password. Within seconds his money popped out.

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Honestly, that is creativity in action. If this boy is given the opportunity, one will agree with me that this 14 year old boy will go to high places.

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But the question is, will the government ever support him? The unfortunate answer remains NO because he is from the IGBO EXTRACTION.

How I wished great people in Igbo land will come together and fight for the liberation of their people. All these among others are what will be encouraged. 

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Trust me, when things of these nature start happening, there is a great tendency that our country will be the most respected in the universe.

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Our today’s society do not encourage talents rather they support its death. What is more important to them is their pocket and the welfare of their people.

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Talents are lavishing on daily basis in this contraception. It’s better we go our separate ways so that these talents can find a better environment to be explored.

Biafran land will be a great country with technological revolution. All they are asking for is freedom.

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