True love do exist! 9 years old Sami

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It was very early in the morning of Saturday when she visited my brother. I thought her reason for visiting was to demand for money as usual with other girls. But no, this time, it was something different.

Paulina is a very beautiful girl every one in the village admires. She is so beautiful that sometimes her father mistake her for his wife. She was my elder brother’s girlfriend.

The beautiful girl was so much in love with him but my brother was a playboy. All this while, Paulina never knew she was tricked by my brother’s fake love. All she ever thought was that she is in love with the perfect guy.

True love story by Sami

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My elder brother is someone who doesn’t joke with women. He can do the undoable just to sleep with the woman that crosses his path. Paulina was another prey who fell into his trap, but unfortunately, his trap caught the wrong meat.

That very Saturday morning, Paulina came to my elder brother to know why he ignores her call. This time, my brother opened up to her that he never loved her despite what they had together.

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With a heart filled with sorrow, Paulina left despite many failed attempts to make him love her again. And she promised my brother will come back to look for her. My brother laughed at her and told her that that can only be possible in her dreams.

Two weeks later.

Exactly two weeks after their break up, my brother became somebody owned by another person. That is to say, he never remained himself. His newest girlfriends were never a match to Paulina his ex. Days passed, he has refused to eat anything.

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Being my only family in the world, I approached him to know why he is suffering himself by refusing his foods. Tears rolled down his cheek, then I knew my brother was in a big mess. What is the problem? I enquired. He told me his problem was Paulina his ex-girlfriend. My brother narrated how he has never stopped to hate himself the very day she left his house. I calmed him down and promised to support him in my little way.

The Search for Paulina

I was only 9 years of age when this whole love of a thing started and ended. Now at my age, I am to assist a brother who is 30 years, that is 21 years older than I am to find his ex.

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When we arrived at her compound, it was unfortunate for us that she left some minutes before we arrived. She is now on her way to the airport to pick up a flight back to Abuja. Without wasting time, my brother drove straight to the airport. It was then I realised that truly, my brother is in love.

At the Airport.

When we arrived at the airport, the last people were to start getting ready for boarding and my brother rushed Paulina. He knelt before her and cried out his sincere apologies. She ignored him and went away. I also reached for her, explaining how I will love her to be a part of our family. She also ignored me and walked away. 

My brother refused to go home. The security men around, pushed us out of the environment but my brother never helped but cried.

Back to the village

My brother was already attempting suicide. Since we were the only people around, no body came for his rescue. As little as I was, I had no idea of what to do in order to stop him from committing suicide. The only person that was able to stop him was Paulina. Yes, she came back and stopped him from committing suicide. 

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He never stopped to apologise, and she told him that she already forgave him even before they met again in the airport.

How she managed to come out from an airplane that has already taken off, was a question I can’t answer. Well what is important is that, she is back and my brother did not commit suicide again. They are now back together as lovers. As we speak, their marriage ceremony is already fixed. Coming up this month but no date yet.

True love they say, is a very powerful weapon that can change things. Truly, it changed my brother for good.

You never will know the importance of what you have until you lose it. My brother failed to recognise his and he lost it. Well, he is lucky another did not win her over when he dumped her, that would have been a straight key to death.

I am Samuel but shortened to Sami and I am just 9 years old. Thanks to God I didn’t loose a brother neither did I lose a pretty woman Paulina who will soon be a member of the Uwanaba’s family.

I hope to see you at my elder brother’s wedding next month.

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Thanks, and God bless you for reading.

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