The story you are about reading, is a true life story bordering around an unappreciated Igbo culture on the female folks. 

The Igbo nation, is great people of the former Biafran state, but currently the Eastern part of Nigeria. They are blessed with great culture ranging from language, food, traditions etc…

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Ebere was the only daughter of her parents. She lost her father at the age of four (4). Life became unbearable for she and her mother after the sudden death of her father.

Mr Donald Akuli was Ebere’s late father. He was the proprietor of Holy Child Academy. At the end of his life, James, his younger brother, forcefully inherited his properties.

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Still on the property inheritance, he also demanded Ebere’s mother to be his new wife but she bluntly disagreed. As a way of totally inheriting his late brother’s property, James planned against his late brother’s family.

Through his kinsmen, he was able to dispossess Ebere and her mother’s rights over their late father’s properties.

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As tender as Ebere Was, she decided she will one day recover all her late father’s properties.

22 years later

After many years have passed, Ebere had become a professional lawyer. Her first case, was against her uncle. She sued him to court with regards to her father’s properties which was forcefully taken from her mother. The outcome of the case, danced to her favour and her right to her father’s properties was restored.

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All her father’s properties including Holy Child Academy, his companies, hotels etc were all retrieved and handed back to her. The court declared her the rightful owner of Late Mr Donald Akuli’s properties. And also warned no one should ever border her about her father’s properties.

Her uncle died of heart attack because he had no where to go to since his house in the village was decapitated. All his children had no means of survival as all depended on their father’s wealth.

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Though Ebere did not allow the wickedness of her uncle to override her love for people. She welcomed them as part of her family and gave them great positions in her different companies.

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Her mother was still treated with the so much love a daughter can give to her mother before she died a peaceful death at the age of 105.

The End…

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