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Today’s story is about a very funny mad man who requested for the services of an Hausa boy.

Jonathan the funny mad man

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How Did it Happen?

First of all, I walked down to my aunty’s shop who sells garri, orange, plantain and many others.

On reaching her shop, I saw Jonathan the mad man. He was busy singing a meaningless song. Even myself could not understand what he was singing.

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Jonathan was sitting a bit far from my aunty’s shop. Though one can hear eachother from such distance.

The next thing I heard was “hey! Hey!..” he was calling a nail cutter (an Hausa boy).

When I turned around to see whom he was calling, I saw the nail cutter walking towards his signal. Jonathan was signalling the Hausa boy to come.

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At first, I thought the nail cutter do not know who was calling him. To my greatest surprise, I saw him clipping the nails of Jonathan.

To clear the air, in this area, people can move around with nail clippers to clip other people’s nail for money. They render the service and get paid.

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Back to the Story

No body bothered them. The next thing we were hearing was the Hausa boy raining curses on the mad Jonathan.

Coming close to me, I asked the nail cutter, “what was going on between you and that man?”

Listen to the innocent nail cutter’s explanation;

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“I was just passing and this wicked man called me to cut his nails. After I finished doing my job he refused to pay me!”

At this point, I couldn’t control the laughter. I laughed so hard that my ribs started aching.

I asked the Hausa boy if he didn’t notice the man he was clipping his nail was a mad man?

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The nail cutter said “he did not tell me that he was a mad man oo”.

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That one alone left me dumb. How do you expect a mad man to tell you that he was mad? Anyways I excused the boy and told him to stop cursing because it won’t have any effect on him.

As the Hausa boy left, Jonathan came out from his resting place.

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Because we are used to joking with the funny mad man, I asked him; Ah Jona, why didn’t you pay the Hausa boy that clipped your nail?

I fell on the floor in laughter when the funny mad man told me that I should leave that mad boy! “That boy is mad, very very mad. Who told him that Buhari has stepped down as president? It is only when Buhari steps down that people will have money to pay for services”

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Honestly, I never stopped laughing. Mad man calls a man with his sanity a mad man. Not just that, he still recognises that the Buhari led government has really dealt a great lot on the citizens and the economy.

Honestly, this is one of the greatest very funny events that I have ever experienced since this era of coronavirus. How I wished you were there.


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