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 Man has and is still passing through many difficult situations. 

It is true that nothing seem to be complete in our today’s society without its opposite existing. That is to say, everything in life has it’s opposite. Eg: life and death, male and female, success and failure etc.

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Because of the experiences I have encountered in this life, I have being able to come up with these quotes which I believe could be helpful.

These quotes cut across all aspects of life. It includes: relationship, business, religion, politics, success, etc.

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So without wasting much of your time, let’s move to;

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Quotes I extracted from my life experiences.

Quotes from life experiences

1. No secret is a secret when a third party is involved.

2. Drop your pride and listen to the man with the information.

3. Give every job your best but never attach emotions to the job.

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4. Today and tomorrow shares the same number of hours but has distinctive features.

5. White or Black, colour is colour. It has nothing to do with character.

6. Amount of time given to a particular thing determines your growth in such thing.

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7. Don’t be deceived, nothing good in life comes easy.

8. Following your dreams saves you from a future self-destruction.

9. No matter the pressure, never share your family problems on social media.

10. What you say about yourself is more important than what people say about you.

11. Underestimate yourself at your own peril.

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12. Snake can never give birth to a lizard. What you give in  is what you should prepare to receive.

13. Closing your mouth suggests you are not interested for any help.

14. If you are not sure, don’t say nothing.

15. A talkative lose his respect easily.

16. Place zero interest on dislike thoughts against you from  haters.

17. No matter what, love yourself more.

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Quotes extracted from life experiences