OSPAC security become cannibals in Rivers state

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OSPAC security become cannibals in Rivers state

If you are from Rivers state or live anywhere in Rivers state you must have heard of the local vigilante group called OSPAC.

OSPAC was inaugurated into the system by the administration of His Excellency, Ezebunwo Nyesom Wike the governor of Rivers state in 2019.

The vigilante group was instituted to help the police and other security operatives control the high rate of insecurity in the state.

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The coming of OSPAC helped to maintain peace and order in the state especially in the Emohua Local Government Area of the state.

Citizens in Emolga before this time can never sleep at night. Every new day, the case of new kidnap is heard.

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People living in the area fled the local government due to security challenges and it almost affected all parts of Rivers state.

The decision of signing OSPAC to become a legally recognized local security outfit was a welcome development.

OSPAC Level of Achieving Success

Since the inception of OSPAC the people of Rivers state has once again witnessed peace. One can freely go to his farm and do anything without fear of being kidnapped or killed.

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OSPAC Deviates from their Purpose of Existence

Now, this is the reason for this post. Why I have decided to write this story is because of the evil this group have caused in a particular village in Emohua local government Area.

While I was busy creating “SEX ON THE ALTER a stunning story that will hit the internet soon, my father asked one of my neighbours who is from Ibaa about the recent event that took place in his community which saw to the end of OSPAC in that area.

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Because I was keen to hearing what his response was, I decided to take a break and pay close attention to how he narrated the story.

Remember, this local vigilante group is located in all communities in Emohua Local Government Area and other local governments that wish to have such security operatives in their area.

My neighbour said that the reason why OSPAC no longer exist in that area is because, one of the villagers came home, and was killed by one of the members of OSPAC.

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It was reported that, the young man was killed and his sensitive organs were harvested. These included; his brain, heart and private part.

It is also important to note that OSPAC security officers use “devilish means” or “JuJu” as many will call it to protect themselves against danger.

Back to the story

They placed the brain of the young man at their shrine, cooked the heart and private part and ate it as pepper soup.

They even invited their fellow vigilante groups in another village called Obelle who also joined them in eating the human parts.

When the news circulated that OSPAC had killed a villager and used sensitive parts of his body as meal, the parents of the diseased invited the army and police.

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The army invaded the area and destroyed their shrine, arrested four of their members while others ran for their lives.

The parents of the dead young man has decided that they will never rest until the main person who killed their son is killed either by them or the government and they must see his dead body.

As at the time of writing this post, which is 3 weeks after this evil unspeakable event took place, OSPAC no longer exist in Ibaa and Obelle.

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My Final Note

Since this event, the government has withdrawn the arms given to them to carry out their functions.

I am still asking, why kill an innocent citizen and using his parts as meal?

They have finally made the people to start thinking that they are nothing but cannibals.

If OSPAC should be disengaged from the society, their is a great tendency that threats on people’s lives by some group of bad boys will return.

Motivational quotes about Life

My simple advice is, the government should properly dictate for them their roles in their areas of operations.

To me, the existence of this security guys has really brought about the long lost peace. Stopping them from functioning can release the lions from their chains.

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